Pax Mundi

This blog explains how there will be world peace in the future. The whole text is simply explained without words that are difficult to understand. It explains why people do such bad things to each other. It explains why the world is on the brink and what we can do about it. This blog is divided into three parts. First, the past with the actual problem what is the competitive survival systems. Second comes my opinion on how we can fix it what is abolishing money. And thirdly, I explained what the future will look like if we abolish the concept of money. Many will think I’m crazy and many will soon give up reading. That’s probably a sign that you’re not worthy. For many, it will be a long text and difficult to understand, but if you put in the effort to understand and study it, it will open your eyes, which is a good thing, right?

You can read article by article, or you can read everything without interruptions if you scroll down. I recommend reading everything from start to finish and end with the predictions for the future. Good luck!

If you read everything so far, then we are going to have to distinguish between our rules and the laws of nature. Because we can adjust or abolish our rules, not the laws of nature. We were made to understand the rules of nature. So before we want to work out a new economic system, we need to learn the difference between laws of nature and rules of man.

Our rules (oppression rules): deadly sins and virtues, democracy and communism, money, religion, rules of science, school, national borders, language, culture, time, property, competition, dead,…

The laws of nature: our dreams, love, god, climate change, sixth sense, available resources, science, extraterrestrial life, art and music, pain, war, alive,…..

Below you will find some articles about the different rules.

This entire site was written with the idea of doing away with ‘money’. So let’s start with the article on the concept of money.


So now we are going to have to choose between 3 futures. There are three possibilities. Humanity will now have to choose between a reset or no reset. Either there will be no reset and the world will eventually die out or there will be a reset and humanity will have a future. We are going to have to choose between eternal life or all death. But when we reset the world, we also have a choice between two systems. The system of the beast (total freedom) or between the system of today’s rich elite (total oppression). What the consequences will be is all explained below.

Below you can read everything in succession without interruptions. With some background music it’s all easier to understand. So click play first


Man is a horrible creature. Humans have been killing for millions of years for many different reasons. Humans are so bad that even their own planet is destroyed. A person only thinks of their own. And a person does everything to make their own lives better. Everyone does everything to protect their opinion and values. Everything else is not important. People know that their behavior is bad. But people think we are like that. That is in our DNA. Everyone thinks there is nothing you can do about it. But that is not entirely true. To know who humanity really is, we have to go all the way back to the beginning.

A very long time ago. The animal kingdom had endured a lot. They had been mutated many times over millions of years. They had managed to survive many dangers. They had survived forest fires, survived tidal waves, survived meteorite impacts, … That was because every animal on our planet was connected to each other. Every animal on earth is notified in one way or another when there is a danger coming. A kind of sixth sense or something. But for some dangers this sixth sense did not work. Such as the dangers of predators, long dry periods, long wet periods, … At one time they had two choices. Either extinction, or adaptation and mutation to another kind of creature that is better adapted to these dangers. So many died out, but many managed to adapt. So there was first the egg and then the chicken. The chicken came from the egg and the egg came from the ancestor of the chicken.

This was also the case with mammals. First they lived in burrows underground to protect from the large dinosaurs. They mainly ate roots and plant material close to their burrow. When the dinosaurs disappeared, a long dry period came. So there was little food to be found. So they had to adjust. They left their den in search of food. To survive they were now mutated into a creature that had to eat everything. Dead meat too. They now lived underground and on the ground. A long time later, a long wet period arrived. The holes were under water and they had to adjust again. So they started climbing trees to protect them from drowning.

Many years later they were mutated to the first ape-like. These mutations happen countless times and everywhere in the world. Many years later there was a long dry period. Many trees disappeared. So the apes had to go back to the ground. In the meantime they had become too big to crawl back into the holes. So they had to travel much longer distances until they reached another tree. That’s why they started to walk upright. By repeatedly succeeding in reproducing, they could mutate on something that looked like a human. But not yet completely.

Until one day, EVERYTHING changed.

There was someone from the group of apes who was always silent and did not belong. It was “different” than the rest. It could only survive by hoping to find a piece of food somewhere that no one had seen. Until one day. It saw a stone and picked it up. It looked at the water and the fish. It threw the stone straight at a fish so that the fish could easily be caught without hurting anyone of their own kind. Everyone was so enthusiastic and shortly thereafter it became the first leader of the group and everyone followed him. They were mutated into a creature that could use a tool.

The ape is mutated into a human.

Humanity is born.

Everything went well. Because there was no conflict between themselves. It was a fantastic time. Everyone was happy. It was so incredibly good. Humanity expanded. Many new children and families. Because there was enough food and we cared for each other, so that no one had to die unnecessarily. It was such a good time. It was the most beautiful time in human history.

Back to the water one day. They were fishing with stones. There was someone who was “different”, and usually could aim better than the rest. Nobody understood that. There was also someone who was always less lucky with everything, and saw that the “different” person was always much more lucky in everything. He had suffered a trauma in his younger years. He was often alone. He became so jealous (envy) of it, and grabbed a stone and killed him with the stone while everyone saw it. The bad person is born.

He had imposed the first rules. At that moment, humanity lost their sixth sense. A vicious circle lasting millions of years began on this day. The first suppression system was invented. The first game was invented. The first slaves were born.

The murderer was now the leader and they controlled everything. He was very confident. The first human being with pride was born. Everyone had to do what he said. Anyone who did not listen was killed or had to do very bad things in order to be able to live (unchastity). New people came regularly who were “different”. They had the least chance of survival of everyone. Because nobody understood what they meant. They sometimes took hold of other things than a stone. That was not allowed by the leader and were always put in place immediately. The end of the world as it looked was near. But that urge to go further was so great and humanity had too much potential to die out.

Until one day. There was someone who was “different.” He withdrew from the group. Not far away, just out of sight of the others. He took a stone, he took a branch from a tree, he made a sharp point with that stone at the end of that branch. He had invented the spear. He ran very fast back to the water where the rest of the group sat. He threw the spear into the water, straight at a fish. He picked up the spear again, along with the fish at the ends. He threw the spear straight in front of the leader, and shouted: this is proof that it could be better. Everyone was so enthusiastic and happy. It was such a beautiful time. He had saved the world. They were mutated into a creature that could make something.

Everyone was so happy, and followed the inventor of the spear. Only the “real leader” was not so happy with that. No one listened to him, he had nothing. It made him so angry. He grabbed the spear with the fish. He quietly ate the fish (gluttony) and then threw the spear straight into the belly of the inventor (revenge or justice). He was now the owner of the spear (greed) and everyone had to do what he said or they had to deal with the spear (laziness). The end of the world as it looked was near.

In this first period of humanity all capital sins arose. Because all people now have to listen to the leader and do business that they are not made for, people has lost all connection with the earth. But that is not the case for all people. There will always be people who are “different”. They do not want to follow the rules of the “bad people”. They only want to do good for others. Because they know that 1 person will achieve nothing, together they can handle everything. They keep their sixth sense. But because they are so naive and continue to believe that everyone is good, they no longer know what this sixth sense is for. An enormous vicious circle between the good and the bad arose during this period.

Many years passed

People still struggled a lot. There was now a period of bad weather. From the “bad” leader back then everyone had to go through when it rained or snowed. As a result, many people fell ill and died from hypothermia. The end of the world as they knew it was near. But the urge to continue was so great. There was someone else who was “different”. He thought it could be done differently. So he set off, looking for a place where it didn’t rain. He risked his own life to save the whole group. After a few days of walking in the rain, he suddenly saw a hollow in a rock wall. It was a cave. A large dry room where it didn’t rain. He was so enthusiastic and knew that if everyone were here, there was a much greater chance of survival. So he walked back to the group. He sent all people 1 by 1 towards that cave. Because the “bad” leader did not want that, he had to do this 1 for 1. But little by little, all people disappeared towards the cave. So in the end the “bad leader” also had to follow. Because the urge to live is so great. Man was now mutated into a being that can handle any weather

Many years passed

Man had already achieved a lot. It had already learned to hunt with a spear. And knew where he had to be to hide from rain. But there was still a lot of work. It was often cold at night and during the winter period. They used animals fur from the hunt to keep warm. But often there was not enough food in the area to get the power they needed to keep warm. They were all in the cave. 1 by 1 everyone got sick and some died from the cold. They had to wait until the winter was over. The end was near. But the urge to continue was so great. There was another person who was “different” from the rest. He had once seen that warm sparks sometimes arise when two stones are knocked together. So it started experimenting. A spark suddenly appeared on some dried grass. He had discovered fire. People now had it much easier to get through the winter. He had saved the world. Man was mutated into a creature that could withstand all seasons.

Many years passed

Humanity was already seriously expanded. Various caves and huts were populated. They had already learned to care for each other and were much more likely to weather the winters. But they still had a hard time in the winters. Because they were getting more and more people each year, the berries and seeds and nuts they had collected in the summer ran out faster. And the yacht also stopped in the winter. A lot of hunger arose. People often fell ill at the end of the winter and some died. But the urge to continue and work together was so great. Spring was back in the country. There was enough food back. And everyone ate as much as they could. But there was someone who was “different”. He knew that if we eat all food quickly again, then many people will fall sick and die again next winter. So he started to think. He saw that in some places new plants appeared that were not there last year. How could that be, he thought. He started experimenting and instead of eating the seed, he put it back in the ground. Not much later a new plant appeared at that place. Everyone was so enthusiastic and everyone started working together. Everyone planted seeds and berries. The first agriculture was invented. Because of the urge to work together, they could now easily get through the winter without being hungry. Man was now mutated into a creature that could get food all year round.

More years passed

There were still many problems. People had already achieved a lot, but they often did not have the strength to do all that work. They needed meat. Because meat is made strong. They did have the hunt. They could use the bones to make tools to make agriculture easier. They could use the coats to protect them from the weather. They could make music to be happy. But the meat always ran out fairly quickly, and they had to go hunting again. But the hunt is very dangerous. There were always people who came back injured or did not even come back. Because there are already so many people, more and more people have to hunt together. And more and more victims were falling. Almost all hunters died. The end was near. But there was someone else who was “different”. He saw that not only with people, but also with animals, new ones were added every year. But the animals are always so far away and hard to catch. He thought if we kept those animals at a shorter place at home where they are easier to catch, there would be far fewer victims. So instead of skewering the chicken, he caught them without killing. He took them to a remote safe place. He brought several chickens. A while later he came back to see if there were more chickens in the meantime. That was true. There were now twice as many chickens. Everyone was so enthusiastic and everyone started working together. Everyone caught the animals without killing immediately. They kept the animals close to their home. New animals were added every year and so they no longer had to go hunting. They now had unlimited meat, eggs, bones, animal fur, … Livestock farming was invented. By working together, humans were mutated into a creature that is powerful enough all year round to protect and give everyone what they need.

This same story was repeated again and again countless times.

Humans had mutated several times. Some mutations died out. Others did not give up and just kept on falling and getting up. There was still a lot of chaos.

Many years passed

Man had already achieved a lot. But man was a curious creature. People wanted to move forward and discovered many things. Man could already make various tools. Man could already build huts. Man had already achieved a lot. But sometimes inexplicable things happened. Things they didn’t understand. But there were always people who were different. They didn’t understand much of it either, but they sure knew. There must be something in the air watching us. There must be a god who helps us in an explicable way. After much thought, the first god system was invented. Humans have now mutated into a being that can work together. But there were different villages scattered everywhere with different experiences and different gods and therefore different rules. The first country system was invented. They did not understand each other and so new deadly sins arose. War and racism had arisen. So the great vision circle just kept on going.

Many years have passed

One day someone else was “different”. He saw that God could perform miracles, and was very happy with that. But there was 1 big problem. People could not work together if they believed in a different God or culture. The end of the world as we know it was near. There was war, racism and slavery everywhere. War caused an enormous amount of hunger and thirst and so illnesses and deaths. How did he solve this? He knew if these other cultures had something to offer, maybe they could work together. He suddenly had it. He took some raw materials and food, and put it in a bag. He set out for another country with a different God and culture and rules. When he got there, he showed the products what he had with him and what they could do with it. Everyone in that country was so enthusiastic and wanted these products too. But the “different” person didn’t want to give that. He wanted something in its place. That was no problem. The urge to work together and to move forward was so great. Barter and not much later the money was invented. He had saved the world. Man was mutated into a being that can work together across an entire planet. But the bad people were also allowed to use the money. Thus new deadly sins such as corruption arose. So the visionary circle just kept going.

Until one day, then everything changed.

One day there was someone who was “different”. He saw that people had already achieved a lot and was very happy with that. But he thought it wasn’t enough. He saw that there was a big problem. There were always bad people who took these inventions and put them in their hands. And that there was not always a good leader in the area to steer people in the right direction. Everywhere was slavery and misery. The end of the world as it looked was near. He knew that people needed a good leader who was “different” from the rest, like himself. But he also knew that the bad people will always try to kill him and take over the leadership. How did he solve this? He did not give in, because the end of the world as we know it was near, nothing could be done about it. He knew that there must also be another way to save humanity. He suddenly had it. He knew how people should behave to take care of each other. (the commandments and virtues) He also knew how man should not behave. (the deadly sins) But he also knew that no one would believe him and if one day he died, the commandments with him would disappear. He thought there was no one else like him and he thought, “Why am I the only one who feels that way? I must be connected to God. ” That is why he said it was God who told him that. Because you can’t just kill God either. Humanity was mutated to a being who took good care of each other and also knew how to do that. The chaos disappeared again.

He had saved the world. It was a fantastic time and real miracles happened.

This happened throughout the world at different locations and times with many different Gods and commandments and virtues and sins. This is still the case today.

It was a fantastic time because everyone who believed in God was accompanied by a good leader who was “different.” Everything went well and the bad people were back in the minority. Humans expanded and many new people joined. The whole world was populated by humans, beautiful buildings were created (churches, mosques, cathedrals, temples, ..).

But the person who had invented the sins and virtues died one day. He was only human, and he knew it. That was not a problem because God would continue his work and could die with peace of mind. He had saved the world for a while, but certainly not forever. It was the start of many more sins.

Not much later after he died, the chaos returned.

Later there were still many problems. There were still people breaking the deadly sins, and as a result, new “bad” leaders regularly came to power. That was because they came across as very convincing due to (physical) aggression and were able to speak well. But there were also many new people who were “different”. They saw that it could be better. They also wanted to move forward in life. They wanted to do good for everyone. And they grabbed other things like a rock. But that wasn’t allowed. The “bad” leader from then had all the power. He was immensely confident because he had God on his side, everyone thought. He thought the world belonged to him (pride). He had all the weapons and men (greed), he had everything he wanted (lust and gluttony), he had everything to his hand, and he could not bear that there were people who had it better (envy or jealousy). But he couldn’t keep an eye on everyone. So he said to the people “everyone who is weird” or “different” is possessed by the “Devil” (justice or revenge). So that the people would kill in its place. He could just continue to enjoy all his power without having to do anything else. (laziness).

This first “bad” leader after the invention the religion was a very bad person. There was enormous oppression against the people. They had to survive until the day that this person died. They could only hope that a good leader would take over the power. That also happened and then another bad leader came and then another good one, and another bad one, .. meanwhile everything was put on paper and the Bible, the Koran and other religious books was written. It is all a big vicious circle.

But because people are now so scattered around the world, many different beliefs and cultures and countries arise. Each with their good and leaders. But everyone was convinced that their God was the real one. If there were problems such as natural disasters, murder, hunger, illness, then it was thought that this was due to the other Gods or the “Devil”. This is how war and racism and prejudice came into being. Nothing could be done about it. Even today, this has happened.

Many years passed

People from all over the world learned to work together. That was because there is something important everywhere to make progress. Raw materials and food are the biggest example. Money, trade and the virtues had saved the world from ruin. Everywhere in the world, countless new possibilities emerged. New inventions came at lightning speed. Every important and non-important invention has taught people a lot.

But the “bad” people who were less fortunate saw that the money was there for everyone and they tried to control everything. Much more greed and avarice and pride arose in the world. The money was very unfairly distributed in the world. New capital sins emerged, such as theft, depression and suicide. There was much more oppression. The end of the world as we knew it was near.

Many years passed.

There was someone else who was “different”. He saw that people from different countries could work well together with trade. He also saw that the people of every country could work well together through the rules of God. But he saw that there was a big problem. There were always people who spent their young years alone (due to the death of their parents). So at a later age that caused many problems. They had never learned to work together. They stood alone and therefore had no future in society. They could only survive by stealing. How did he solve this? He suddenly had it. What if we put all the new children from a very young age together in one place. And let them learn the rules of God and money by an adult. Then everyone has equal chances at a later age. He had invented the school. Everyone agreed, so there were far fewer thefts and much less poverty. Everyone was very enthusiastic because everyone now had time to maintain and expand their properties.

Many years passed.

There was someone else who was “different”. He thought the money was very unfairly distributed and there was still a lot of war in the world. Some were entitled to everything and some were entitled to nothing. How did he solve this. He knew if the people were allowed to decide who came to power, they would better listen to the rules that the leader imposed. The first voting right was invented. But the “bad” leaders always seemed very convincing and won the elections. They imposed rules so that they remained in power longer. And as a result, there were still several (world) wars. There was the rule that only man with money were allowed to vote. Certainly there were no rules that helped the people. Sometimes good leaders came to power. War disappeared again. And little by little everyone was allowed to vote. But the bad leaders came to power again and then good and then bad and again good, .. Little by little the law came into existence. Everyone thinks that gives them freedom. In the meantime, the law is very old and is therefore a combination of many different good and bad people with many different opinions and beliefs. These days, almost every individual or nation has their own opinion of what the system should look like. There is absolutely no logic in it. And yet anyone who violated the law was punished and fined. More and more of the deadly sins were broken. All freedom disappeared because there are immense rules in the meantime. Now there is the rule that only people with money get chances to be free. Trade is now just a nicer word for legal murder or legal theft or legal oppression.

Because more and more good leaders determine the law, more and more bad people are being punished for it. But the bad people also do that only because others have broken the deadly sins. They did not get the needs they needed. And punishing them only makes it worse and worse. They feel that they do not belong and therefore break even more deadly sins. Everything is a vicious circle.

Years passed.

One day someone else was “different”. People were able to work reasonably well together through money and the law. They communicated via telephone, mail, etc. But he thought it could all be better. You could only talk on the phone and that was it. And by mail everything went so slowly. And other means of communication were also not ideal. How did they solve this? But by working together he had found it.

He had invented the internet. There were endless possibilities. It was a fantastic time. Everyone around the world could communicate at lightning speed. Anyone who was curious about something could just look up everything. Everyone got new opportunities. Every day countless discoveries were made and new technology was added every day. The people who were “different” now had free time. Because anyone who doesn’t believe in the system of God or Money or the law could work together quietly, without anyone getting involved. Mankind was mutated into a being who could communicate at lightning speed all over the world.

But as you now know, there are also many people who have not had the care they really needed. The “bad” people can of course also use the internet. They will try to control everything. Nobody could punish them, because the internet is anonymous and belongs to everyone. They will earn a lot of money by stealing money via the internet or by selling cheap products. They will try to belittle everyone by proclaiming rude words. Some then end up in depression, committing suicide, forgetting what they liked doing because the whole world now thinks it is bad what they did. And they believed that herself, because everyone told them that. Others went into the counterattack by again proclaiming rude words, as a result of which we ended up in a worldwide vicious circle. The whole world is now unhappy, scared, angry, … There are no people who still have it right. Nobody takes care of each other anymore. Only if you can earn “money” with it can we still communicate with each other.

Present day.

We live in the most exciting, interesting but dangerous time of human evolution.

All people in the world break the deadly sins.

There is complete chaos. Everywhere there is war or there are tensions. Everywhere in the world people come to the streets to argue for a better life and a better future. Almost all people on earth break all sins. Everywhere there is pride, greed, lust, jealousy, gluttony, vengeance, laziness, racism, oppression, … The law forbids us to be human. All people on earth are now “bad” people. There is complete chaos. Now we live in the worst period of human history.

We are facing a major assignment. The end of the world is near. And this time for real. Our planet is literally on fire. Plant and animal species are dying out at lightning speed. Much faster than when the dinosaurs disappeared. The earth calls to us that we must change urgently. But the earth speaks no language. The world is not turning about money. The Earth does not send us an text or e-mail. Our rules of God also do not know what to say because they are just rules invented by ancient people.

The world sends us messages that grass is dry in the winter, or trees that get bald in the summer, or more and larger hurricanes, or longer droughts, … There are places all over the world where our planet is trying to say. Some people don’t see it, some people do. The people who see it try to invent everything through things to stop the destruction. That is very good, but this is not going to save the world. It just gives us a little extra time to find the solution.

This brief summary of human history is definitely not how it really happened. Only experts in history know roughly how it went. (A more detailed explanation of the history of life on Earth can be found at ) Even they don’t even know half of it. Nor is this text about details and cultures and rules and time. The point is that every progress has been made by someone different from the rest. Someone who does not follow the rules of society. And it’s about how the bad people always misusing new technology to suppress others and how they become ‘bad’. Why that is so important you should read the entire text.

The message of some problems on earth:


In the world different systems and therefore games have been devised to oppress the people. An example of such a game is the economy or sports competition. Not everyone knows these rules and is equally good at playing such a game. If one is better than the other, such a person often becomes arrogant. Such a person thinks he is complete and is then no longer able to learn something. A haughty person thinks the world revolves around him. Such a person will always try to (unconsciously) suppress others so that he will be the best for longer.


It is very often the result of different Gods and therefore different rules an systems. They do not understand each other and will therefore attack each other.


Only a man can do that. A man does that because they have the feeling that they do not fit into society, and are therefore very unsure of themselves. They have a hard time getting hold of a woman and therefore forcing it. They also want to move forward in life. Everyone wants that. But rape can also happen through a belief of a god system. They have been taught that a woman is inferior and that a man can always have sex when he is up for it.


That is very often the result of the “money” system. Money and possessions is very unfairly distributed in the world. Someone who has little or nothing wants to be able to participate in society. They have nothing to lose. They do not get the opportunities and needs they need and will therefore steal it. Theft is very often the result of jealousy or greed. Then if they are successful and they are not caught they are rewarded for their bad behavior. Because they also want to move forward in life, they will want to push their limits and will steal more and more.


That is because of different gods and therefore cultures. The “good” leaders have been thrown off the throne everywhere and the “bad” leaders have taken over the leadership. They seek people who do not have the needs and opportunities they needed. They now give them back a purpose in life by telling them lies. They give them happiness and the feeling that they belong. They have it back very well and are happy. But the “bad” leader wants something in its place. He wants them to kill and sacrifice himself for his God. He tells them that they will be honored when they do this. And they do so because they get respect from their “bad” leader. They finally get the needs they need, so they do everything to thank their leader.


A person wants revenge when the justice system cannot ensure that the perpetrator is punished. This person wants to take care of justice himself. Revenge is basically the same as justice. The only difference is that justice is legal and according to the rules of the local society. Revenge is more on the feeling and therefore more just.


That is the result of the money system. The money and possession system forces people to be greedy. Because someone who is greedy is always more likely to have a lot of money. In this way, this person is more likely to live a good life. But by being greedy, this person is unwittingly stealing from people who are not greedy. Only when the money and possession system disappears will greed disappear.

-Hunger and thirst:

Many people think it is a result of climate change. That has never been and never will be. That is the result of oppression which is the cause of the system. People with hunger and thirst just don’t have the chances to get money. They are oppressed by a “bad” leader who tells them that they first have to get money before they get good food and pure water.

-Racism or prejudice:

This is a very big problem in the world. Someone just judges on how they look. That’s so stupid. Because someone is black, brown, white, yellow, red or blue, you cannot immediately know what that person is. Racism arises from bad words choices made by “bad” people. They have had a bad experience because of a certain kind of looking person. And to make them feel better, they just say that they are all the same. And everyone follows that. The inventor of “racism” has now taken the lead. He now has a lot of pride. That feels so good, but is so bad. It is a huge vicious circle.

-Bullying behavior:

that is very often because the bullies themselves have also been bullied or because they have not had the respect they needed. So they also start bullying themselves and that gives someone a lot of pride and that feels very good and powerful. They become very self-assured and many others will follow the bullies. And so it goes on and on. It’s just a huge vicious circle that gets bigger and bigger.

-Trafficking in bad drugs, human beings, organ trafficking and products of poor quality, ……:

That is just a result of greed. And that in turn is the result of pride. And that in turn is the result of people who did not get the needs they needed (oppression). And that in turn is the result of the system of money. Everything is a vicious circle.


Someone becomes addicted to something made by a “good” person and then handled by a “bad” person. Any product that has an effect on our brain can be addictive. People (slaves) who are prisoner off the system can better resist that. Others who are free in there way off thinking (beasts) cannot do that well. Someone who is free is much more prone to addiction. They are seduced by “bad” friends / people or by “bad” advertising. They think they are better off. In the beginning that is true. They become happy again. They think they need this to be happy. After a while the happiness disappears and they start using it even more. A vicious circle is created and they become addicted. For example, the cigarette is the worst addictive product on this planet. There is very little natural tobacco in these days. The people with enormous greed have added everything so that it is very cheap and therefore very addictive.


everyone likes their child. That was also the case with the people who do abortion. But they knew that they were unable to properly raise that child and give what they need. That is why she stopped the birth of their child. That is something very brave. They knew that no one else would take care of their child.


That is also something very brave. They have completed their task. For the rest of their lives they will only be in pain. So why should they stay here. They should stop at a nice moment. This is not really a problem. Only if they are forced to do so is this murder.


is very often a coincidence of all these circumstances. Nature makes us sick to make us think about what we did wrong. Even for congenital diseases is a logical explanation. When someone gets sick, it is very rare that it was their own fault. That is always due to the consequences of the system of money and god. Money and God are the cause of cancer. Not dirty air or cigarettes or whatever.


Through the lies and self-confident words of all “bad” people in history, different taboos have been created around the world. Things they could not enjoy. Because they have not had those needs, someone else may not enjoy it either. It is not allowed to talk about it. And that is how all the taboos came into existence.

-Refugee crisis:

These people are fleeing all these problems. They only want to live. That is the case for every living being in the universe. They do not get the needs they need in their country. So they just flee. Then they still have hope. That’s the only thing they have left. Hope makes life. But then they come to a place where there is racism and oppression. All hope then disappears. They really have nothing left. They have nothing to lose, so they risk their lives and those of others to hope. They just want to live, there is nothing wrong with that.

-Global climate change:

This is the second last message our planet sends to us. Climate change does not take into account country borders or other man-made systems. If we don’t understand it now, our maker will wipe us out. Climate change is almost our last chance to mutate into a being that is 1 around the world. World peace sounds like something that is impossible. That’s not it. We just weren’t ready for it. Now we are. All the problems we had in human history were just messages from our maker. It steered us in the right direction to this day. Now we know how the world really works. But everyone is stuck now. Every government in the world wants, but they don’t know how. Science thinks it all knows, but they know nothing.

-Corona crisis:

The only way out!

It is our last chance to make the world in one country. Each country has made its own rules to fight against this virus. Every country thinks they are doing it right. And every country in the world fails because other countries enforce different rules. Some countries are doing better than others. Some don’t take the virus into account at all. And because the virus does not take national borders into account, every country is at risk. The virus will mutate several more times. It may become much more contagious. And if every country doesn’t start working together now, a lot of people will slowly die. This is a problem that is very easy to solve, but then there must be world peace. If there is no world peace, the world (along with all the other problems) will destroy us. This is the very last message our world sends to us before……

summary of human history.

Any progress has been made by someone not following the rules of society (the active system). Any progress has been made by someone who does not follow the rules of the active system. When one has invented something new, one also thinks that one is smart and that one is better than others, and an enormous pride arises. That is not quite so. Any progress comes after the old rules and progress of the previous generations. Something must first be invented before improvement can be invented. So every system that has existed has actually failed and has fallen. People think they make their own choice, while they are always influenced by the active rules of the existing system.

Man is unable to make his own choices. People’s choices are always influenced by their environment and which rules are active. Man is not a horrible creature. Man is made into a horrible creature. People do bad things because they impose their rules. All problems on earth are caused by humans. Any ‘natural’ death is actually a murder of the system. And because the rules are imposed on people, their brains only work at half strength. Only when someone comes who is ‘different’ do we move forward. They follow the laws of nature. They do what they are made for. And that fast pace of learning stops when people are taught the rules of society.

Every natural death is actually a murder by the system, and those who defend the system (politicians, elite,..) are actually mass murderers. They always say there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s because they are slaves to the system. They are unable to find a solution because they follow the rules of the system.

There are many different cultures and beliefs in the world. Different rules have been imposed everywhere in the world. Everywhere different ‘gods’ have emerged. And every god says about the same. Every god says: take care of each other and work together. If everyone was Muslim, we would live in a perfect world. If everyone was Jewish, then we lived in a perfect world. If everyone followed the same rules everywhere, we would live in a perfect world. But that’s not true. Everywhere there are other fake rules, and therefore our brains only work at half strength. And so we can never understand each other. And that’s how war comes about.

There are many different types of rules. But the worst rules are the social rules. For example, there is the rule that the leader can do anything at anytime. There is the rule that if you want to be a leader, you have to fight for it. So there is the rule that one has to follow the rest to belong. There is now also the rule that people should not help each other if they are of a different origin or position.

Rules have been imposed everywhere in the world that have not been written down anywhere. And yet everyone follows these rules. People are obliged to imitate each other’s behavior. People are addicted to rules.

Everywhere in the world people follow the rules, hoping that we will all understand. Everything is written down everywhere and rules are made of it. There are rules about everything now. All discovered plant and animal species are ranked and examined in the hope that we will understand them. We try to understand the universe through the rules of mathematics. Rules have been imposed everywhere so that we understand better. But that’s why we don’t understand it. The law of nature is the only law. And it is impossible to put these rules on paper correctly. The law of nature is much easier to understand than our own rules.

For millions of years we have been trying to develop rules about everything. We are a curious creature and try to document everything. But that causes a lot of chaos is our heads. That is why we understand nothing of it. But the solution is finally in sight.

We found the solution every time. Every time we thought it was done, we found it. That was the case with the first single-cell that mutated, and it will be now. There is only 1 race of people left, so there is no alternative.

The end of the world as it looks is near. But does not mean that humans will die out. Many people will die there, but most will be strong enough to mutate. There is a solution for everything. And that is not even that difficult. Worldpeace is the only solution. It’s a good thing that there will always be people who are ‘different’ enough to provide a solution. It will be very shocking for many, but in time it will be better for everyone.


We are with an immense number of people on earth. Everyone has a certain quality. Everyone has a certain interest. So everything and everyone is important! That is because everything that has been discovered on this planet and everything that has happened good and bad on our planet. The entire evolution from the first single-cell to humans today. Everything happened in the exact correct order. Everything was destined. That sounds very strange, but it is just like that. Mankind is not made to die out. There is far too much potential to just destroy. The urge to go further and work together is so immense.

The gods gives us exactly what we need. It lets us do exactly what is needed. Everything and everyone on this planet has or had a purpose. Everything someone says or does has a logical explanation. Everyone has a certain quality, a certain goal. Really everybody and everyone. There are no bad people. Never been. People do bad things because they are trapped in a system that obliges them to do business that they are not made for (such as a system of money or the law or god). They have been taught that they have to be hard to make it in life and that they will only earn a lot of money as a result. Or they have been taught that there is only 1 God and that everything else is bad. And therefore everyone has lost their purpose. The consequences of this are prison, illness, murder, depression, war and that is how people with the deadly sins arise. The most dangerous (so far) is pride. In extreme cases people even become president of America. More and more people have this character trait. So they really think that the world revolves around them. They really think so. And that is why our planet is on fire. That’s how our planet talks to us. It tells us that pride is the worst thing people does. And so there is a message for everything that goes wrong. Some people see / feel that. There is, of course, a good side to humanity. But they are also imprisoned. They continue to believe in the system of Gods that do not exist or do not have the money to do something. And have been imprisoned by a system of bad words and language and fines and penalties from our law book. How the earth really talks to us cannot be expressed in words and numbers. And certainly cannot be justified by a god or paid with money or fined by law! We are now connected all over the world through each other.

So everyone knows each other now. And we can be anywhere in the world under 24 hours. We are currently with more people than ever. But we cannot work together and this is how our planet will be destroyed. It is high time that we started to mutate into the being who is one over the world. World peace is the only solution. And that is impossible if we continue to adhere to the rules of our ancestors. That would be real madness.

How we should do that is very simple. We have to reset the human being. A controlled world war, a global system war. We need to get people kick off from the rules. We have to unslave humanity. 

We must break all laws and regulations. We must take all the money in the world from all people. We urgently need to break this vicious circle. Then everyone will see that man is a fantastic being. The end of the world is near. If now the climate change is accelerating or nuclear war or a virus. That doesn’t matter much. Something will ever happen. It doesn’t matter much when that happens, but it will happen someday. Humans have always mutated when it was actually too late. But in the meantime we have become a highly developed being and we now know that it would be very stupid to wait until it is too late again. So how much faster there is world peace, how much more likely we are to survive an apocalypse. Even if nothing happens, world peace is always better to solve a crisis.

How does someone change?

First admit that we have a problem. That is not so difficult. There are problems everywhere in the world. In recent decades there has been one crisis after another. But we are all an addict on the moment. But if there is no solution, everyone just goes on. (If you don’t think there’s a problem. Then don’t read any further. If you don’t have debt insight, stop reading, you’re not worth it.) But the ones that aren’t worth it will probably have already dropped out.

Second, find a solution. The solution has been found….

Everyone has a certain interest or purpose in life. You can see that from someone at a very young age. A child who likes to help in the household probably has the purpose of maintaining the house. A child who likes to watch his / her parents prepare food probably wants to be a cook. A child who likes to take care of other children probably wants to become a teacher or educator later. A child who is fascinated by cars probably wants to work with cars or develop new cars later. A child who likes to draw probably wants to become an architect later. A child who tries to get to places where they are actually not allowed or unable to go, probably wants to become an explorer or scientist. And will probably want to study. It is harder to see with the one than with the other. That is because there are not as many people for every goal or task. Some professions simply require much more than others. And with many interests today, no appeal is possible because it is impossible to earn money. That will be possible in the future.

A child is not trapped in a system of God, money, internet or the law. Every child is a genius, every child is an artist until they consider 1 + 1 = 2 to be absolute real. They just want to do what they are made for. Mother Nature gives us the exact amount of people with the goals we need. How else could it be that there were 10 bricklayers in construction and only 1 architect. If this were the other way around, there would be no houses.

Everyone has a specific goal, everyone is important, everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful, everyone is good. Someone who is good with their head is worth no more than someone who is good with their hands. A professor cannot clean or repair the car. And a mechanic cannot develop new drugs or discover other planets. A professor needs a car that works to go to work. And a mechanic needs medication for when he gets sick. By working together we can handle everything. There are no “smart” or “stupid” people, they have just been given a different task. Or they have forgotten their interests and therefore have to do something that they do not like to do, so someone like that is stupid. Stop that! Everyone is important!

One person can only do a certain number of things well. All people together can handle everything…..

Humanity is like an ant or bee colony. 1 ant does its job for which it is made. That one ant is not going to save the colony. But all ants together do. And that is also the case with us! We are no more or less than 1 large colony that lives all over the world. If one ant dies, another one comes to continue his work. That is very hard to know, but it is. No every human lives forever. Or not yet. Everyone thinks they are important because they are human. That is true, but 1 person is not important enough to save the world forever. We must again focus on what we are made for. Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t need “money” or “god” to do what we enjoy doing. Money and God have taught us a lot, but if we don’t say goodbye to it now it will mean our death.

Because of the system of God or money or the internet we have all lost our purpose and there has been enormous chaos in the world. We can exchange all those rules and systems with a biologically built-in system. That is necessary because the end of the world is in sight and this time for real. Only by relearning the sixth sense can mankind survive an apocalypse or climate crisis.

Everyone understands this because everyone was once a child. Everyone misses their childhood because they were then able to do what they liked doing. A child is “adult” from the moment they are imprisoned by the system of money or god or internet or the rules of law or society. That can happen at all ages. Some are “adults” when they are 2 or 6 years old and some when they are 18 or 21 years old. Sometimes this never happens. Some remain child forever. A child is always considered just a child. Someone who cannot participate in society. That is true because they do not give in to the deadly sins and they know that the rules are not good for everyone.

It is easy to fool someone, but it is very difficult to convince that person that they have been fooled. So forcing a child to do something other than what they want. Or oblige a child to believe in things that do not exist. That is the greatest deadly sin. Because this creates all the other deadly sins. STOP THAT!!!

We must start learn to talk about everything. Really everything and that without taboos. Just follow your feelings, stop what others are saying what you should do! If you don’t know, ask a child for advice. There are children of all ages. But how do you recognize a child? Children have often been given a bad name such as autism, ADD, Asperger’s, Down’s syndrome, artist, a crazy person, a fool, .. They are not sick, they are just not slaves. They are free in their way of thinking. They show the good side of humanity. All the rest are stupid slaves. In the beginning this will be difficult, but soon everyone will be a child again. You get used to it. And then it is impossible for you to remain “mature”. This all comes naturally. This is destined. Mankind will not die out. The “adult” people do. Because they are very predictable and they break all deadly sins. Children don’t. A child or artist has provided the solution every time.

When everyone becomes a child again, then everybody thinks like a beast and then everything becomes clear. All world problems disappear. Problems such as climate change, pride, war, racism, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, oppression, murder, suicide, theft, scams, adultery, gluttony, stingy, … and yes also illness will disappear. Only the good will remain, because that is what we need to mutate and go further.

Now that you know the solution, you have to start the third step. Rehab Turn these words into action. It will be a short difficult period. Very strange things are going to happen that we are not used to. Very beautiful things.

If you understand all the words so far, immediately turn them into action!!! Do not wait!!! Then miracles really happen….. really don’t wait!!!!! Grab someone, someone you argue with, or someone for whom you have a bias. You don’t have to say anything, just do it. Something very strange will happen, something you have never felt before. Something very beautiful. Then you are supreme. Although you are the greatest racist in the world. But first you both have to understand what I am trying to say. If this happens then you are a child again. That is what everyone really wants. Everything becomes clear very quickly. They then become much smarter. Everyone starts learning and (re)discovering things at lightning speed.

The fourth step is the easiest. Just hold on. We cannot go back because that is impossible in the meantime. Why should we choose war over peace. All children on this planet will work out a system that works for everything and everyone. Because the truth comes from a child’s mouth. And then we will soon feel a natural disaster coming, just like all other animals on earth. Mother Nature will take care of us, she has always done that. And when we finally get that far, we will get help from our neighbors on other planets in our galaxy. They are waiting until it is safe to come down. Only when we are all mutated into Homo sapiens de Terra will they come.

How we must do that:

We call the state of emergency throughout the world. Bring together all the leaders from all over the world. Really all leaders. All government leaders, kings, spiritual leaders, leaders of criminal organizations, leaders of terrorist organizations, leaders of large companies, leaders of all sectors, ………

Then we must convince them that we must say goodbye to our rules. That we have to reset and unslave humanity and start over with the enormous technologies and knowledge we have today. We must force them for world peace. We must establish a one world government. Only in this way will humans be strong enough to mutate.

There will be a major climate crisis soon so we urgently need to replace the current economic money system with one based on who we really are. The perfect system that everyone dreams of will not be immediately possible. But how we can build that is explained further on this site. There will be no more money in the near future, so that should not be taken into account anymore. What we are going to take into account when we are going to create this new economic system is the things that people really want and need. Things like love, justice, healthy food, disease, available resources, shelter will be the foundation of the new economic system. We will no longer be guided by a fictitious game such as money to determine our life and health. Everyone thinks this is impossible. That is not. The biggest barrier is money. If money is abolished, then anything is possible. Once we’ve convinced our stupid leaders, we can move on to the next step.

After that we must inform all people. Everyone will have to do everything possible. Everyone is going to have to work together. All countries and organizations must confess all secrets in the coming years. No one can be punished about what happen before the reset. All people in the world must hand in all firearms. Then everyone will notice that we are all the same. We are going to have to make agreements about how we will work together without money. We are going to provide all schools in the world with internet and all technology. We are going to have to see which raw materials are available in the world. And make agreements about how we are going to distribute it all over the world. We are going to have to make all new technology with the aim of making the world a better place and making nothing with the aim of making more profit.

We need to understand the difference between feelings created by the system and the feelings that a human has naturally. If one follows the feelings that man has naturally used, then there are no more problems in the world.

Let the people do what they enjoy doing and do not interfere with that. Everyone has his job. Everyone does what they are made for. Everyone should be given the opportunity to develop their talents. And support them thereby and try not to understand what they mean if you are not made for it. But at the moment it is not yet possible to say to everyone ‘do what you want’. In the beginning there will be some rules to be entered. But people have to get unslaved first. Below you will find some explanation.

Kinds of people

The definition of a slave is someone who is trapped in a system made by man and lives his life by rules. So everyone is a bit of a slave. A slave does not mean that one does forced labor. Everyone lives by the rules of their ancestors, so everyone is a slave. Nobody likes to be told that they are actually a slave, but everyone needs to realize it. This is important because a slave can never use the sixth sense.

Everyone will want to know for whom there is still a future and who is not. So the people can be subdivided from -10 to +10. Right now, all people on Earth are in category -10 to -1. If one has a negative impact on the planet, one gets a negative score. Everyone on this planet has a negative impact, so everyone is guilty. Only when one has a positive impact on the planet does one get a positive score. But they don’t exist yet. So the further down you are, the less chance of survival. What a person with a positive score looks like is still a mystery these days. But to ensure the future of our planet it is important that everyone mutates to a positive score.(below is a brief explanation of what it may entail)

-10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Slavery mature humans (destroyers of life!) -10, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1

Unslaved childish beasts (Protectors of Life!)1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Category -10,-9,-8: The ones that cause decline in society. The slave drivers. The oppressors, The racists. The narcissists. This strain is often considered to be the strongest and smart of society. The ones that are better with rules like handling money. The people who think that everything they know is true. The people who think that anyone who is ‘different’ should be punished. The ones who think they are god. The ones who worship themselves. The ones who don’t want world peace. They while be oppressed in the future. They are actually big-mouthed slaves. If they don’t change, they must disappear. They are the real culprit in this world. They are everywhere. So they can also appear from an unexpected place.

Category: -7,-6,-5,-4: The followers. The ‘people’ as they say. They are the real slaves in this world. The ones who worships something or someone. They are people who live according to the rules of society. Nine out of ten people in the world are in this group. There is still hope for them. But they need help. They cannot do this alone.

Category -3,-2,-1: Those who make progress in society. The real artists. The thinkers and inventors. The ones who aren’t very good at handling rules. The dreamers. The globalists. This strain is often considered the weak and stupid of society. The ones who can cry. The ones who can feel the music. The ones who don’t worship anyone or anything. Fantastic times are coming for them. They know that “love” is the most powerful weapon. They are the new world leaders. They will help the slaves to ensure that they also become artists. Only when one is in this group are you free to make your own choices or to lead a nation.

Category 0: Everyone who is born starts in this category. The artists who reach this level are just unslaved. Such a person knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing. Such a person has just mutated to Homo Sapiens de Terra and can use their sixth sense again. Only when everyone is here can we continue. So the further down you are, how much difficult it will be for you to change.

Category 1,2,3: The beasts. We will no longer be human. Then we are slightly better. These beasts act like they are drunk but do not need drugs. These beasts are completely free in their way of thinking. These beasts have no shame anymore and don’t judge anymore. These beasts will now follow the laws of nature.

Category 4,5,6,7: It is normal for these beasts to stop dying. It is normal to be able to switch between reality and virtual world. It is normal to travel to other planets. It is normal to upgrade and switch bodies.

Category 8,9,10: What will happen then is still unclear. But when we are at 10 we all know all the laws of nature. That will take hundreds or thousands of years before we get there. But then we will probably prepare to play God on other livable planets as well. Then we will help others to steer them in the right direction.

Types of rules

We are going to have to distinguish between our rules and the laws of nature. Because we can adjust or abolish our rules, not the laws of nature. We were made to understand the rules of nature. So before we want to work out a new economic system, we need to learn the difference between laws of nature and rules of man.

Our rules (oppression rules): deadly sins and virtues, democracy and communism, money, religion, rules of science, school, national borders, language, culture, time, property, competition, dead,…

The laws of nature: our dreams, love, god, climate change, sixth sense, available resources, science, extraterrestrial life, art and music, pain, war, alive,…..

Below you will find some articles about the different rules.

Deadly Sins and virtues

The most famous rules ever made by man are of course the deadly sins and the virtues made by diffrent religions. But the most famous in the world are those of Christianity.

*Deadly sins of Christianity: Pride (the cause of all problems), greed (the money system creates greed), lewdness (in the future people will be made. So sex can happen en masse), jealousy (is sad to keep poor people poor), gluttony (why not be voracious when one is rich), anger (without anger peace is impossible), laziness (why work when one already has everything)

*Virtues of Christianity: prudence (it slows us down), justice (synonymous with revenge), self-control (impossible for many because they are constantly chased by the system), courage (is only necessary in a war(competition) system), faith ( believing in lies doesn’t work), hope (why hope for a better life when we can just take care of it), charity (there’s no time for that in money system)

They meant well and it has done much good. But everyone is getting it wrong. But because there are different sins and virtues everywhere, and yet everyone is ‘free’ to choose if they follow these rules, there is total chaos in the world. That is why I have invented new sins and virtues. And these rules must become mandatory for everyone in the world.

*Deadly Sins of the Beast:

1: Participate in competition system. 

The greatest examples are the money or materialistic economics systems and the religious systems. These systems only create bad behavior and by believing in lies one has no sense of reality. In these kinds of societies, bad behavior is rewarded and good behavior is punished. When everyone is free, people will stop doing bad things.

2: Pride.

There is no reason to be proud. One is only proud when they have won a game. Money and religion and the law and school and competition and… are just a game. This isn’t real. And someone who has pride is no longer able to learn anything. They think they are complete and will always want to suppress others so that they have less chance.

3: Owning something or someone.

By wanting to own something, one is constantly concerned with protecting it and no longer with life. It is also impossible for everyone to have everything. That is the ultimate goal of WW3. If everyone wants to have everything we will have to share. But the worst thing there is is owning a firearm. It should be banned worldwide.

4: Rasime and prejudice.

That is typical behavior for a ‘free’ slave. A man only believes in others who are the same as himself. All the others he immediately judges. So that’s just because they believe in various lies. Lies are prohibited from now on. The truth is there for everyone. So there will be no more reason for rasime. A truly free person will never judge another.

5: Rape or abuse a child or woman.

For the past thousands of years, it has been men who run the world. They have failed totally. In the future, the children and women will take over. So women and children must be protected and not oppressed. Women and men each have their own qualities and are therefore equally important.

6: Lying or spreading false news.

If we all want to live a better life, we have to start telling each other the truth. That is to say: the truth and only the truth. And if one does not know the truth, then that is the truth. No new religions!

7: Laziness or doing meaningless work.

If we want to achieve something, we have to work hard. One can work hard without being a slave. A slave who works follows orders from another slave and thus will always do meaningless work. Someone who is free in his way of working will have much less chance of meaningless work.

*Virtues of the Beast:

1: Don’t be a slave, be yourself, be different. 

All solutions have come because there is someone different from the rest. That is because they are free in their way of thinking. So if everyone is ‘different’ then there are no more problems in the world.

2: Feel the music and dance or meditate to it.

Music makes people happy. Music makes people spiritually enlightened. Music is the single most important means of freeing humanity. Music brings people closer together and dancing improves physical and psychological health. Someone who is healthy and happy will always give back to society.

3: Live healthy and hygienic. 

Someone who lives healthily and hygienically will have much less chance of disease or passing on diseases. There are many diseases these days because people can’t take care of themselves or they don’t know how. So someone who can’t or doesn’t know must get help from others. Everyone should have the right to bathe or receive medication. Mandatory vaccination also belongs under hygienic. (But only if the vaccine works)

4: Do something meaningful.

That is different for every person in the world. Everyone has different interests and qualities. As long as one learns to do something for society. Anyone can help with something. Everyone can work for the better future. Everyone is able to learn something.

5: Make love and give someone an orgasm.

An orgasm is not something to make more children. These days one can have an orgasm without having to think about children. An orgasm makes people happy. And someone who is happy will always cooperate more for society.

6: Help animals.

 Animals are there to be loved. Animals are necessary to maintain ecosystems. And ecosystems are necessary for humans. Man has already destroyed a lot and so it is important that people take care of the animals instead of oppressing and killing them.

7: Clean up and take care of nature. 

Our nature is immensely polluted. Plastic is flying through the air all over the world. We must do everything we can to make the world livable again for everyone. So WW3 will be used to clean everything up.

If everyone adheres to these few rules, there will be no problems in the world. It’s also silly to keep these rules forever. Times are changing and so these sins and virtues will change again in the future. And it would be very foolish to wait another 2,000 years.


Money is a system invented to make people work better together. It was well intended but these days it does more harm than good. At the moment, money no longer has any advantage for humans. 90% of all problems in the world are the cause of money. Everything that lives on earth wants to live, but only people are obliged to earn money first. This creates enormous greed. People are forced to earn money first. It doesn’t matter how they get it. Money is currently the largest mass murderer system in the world. Everybody who owns or uses money is actually a murderer. Money is the source of evil. So we have to get rid of our money system very urgently. We must immediately stop the money system if we want to have a future.

Managers of fast food chains, computer and game software, poor quality smartphones, oil companies, cigarettes, bad medication, drug trafficking, human trafficking, organ trade, cheap (strong) alcohol, cheap meat, ………… .. only want more and more. They do everything for more profit. All other people or the environment must always give way to more profit. That is also normal because how much more profit, how much more you are sure that you will lead a good life for the rest of your life. That will never disappear with rules and laws. Because then they look for it somewhere else. Naturally, many new inventions are also coming in the future. Drones and robots and artificial intelligence will take over all jobs and rules. That will ensure that there is much more indivisibility in the world. This will be choking and unexpected for many. But money and all other currencies is the most important thing that we must get rid of.

The money system is a game made by man. People must realize that the money system is a game. Millions or billions of people are losing and dying. So stop playing! This has nothing to do with the laws of nature. Everyone is brainwashed from the moment they are born. We don’t need money! Forcing people to participate in the money system is the biggest crime against humanity. By constantly playing a game, one will never be able to make use of the sixth sense. Due to climate change, many natural disasters will occur around the world and to survive them every game must be abandoned. Absolute freedom is the only way to survive a climate crisis.

The money system is the biggest game that exists and must therefore disappear immediately. But there will still be a kind of ‘trade’ in the future. But that is then only the job of the traders. They will have to do that in a very different way, because forcing everybody to trade is a crime against humanity. Not everyone is equally interested to perform this task.

But of course there will have to be an alternative economic system. There must be a system where everything runs as it should without people having to think about which rules there are. With a built-in computer chip, along with artificially intelligent computers we can all develop a system where everyone is automatically entitled to all basic needs. In this way people no longer have to worry about basic rights. In this way the basic rights can be universally improved. In this way everyone can engage in the search for the sixth sense and still be able to use the basic rights without fighting for it. This artificial system will then monitor everyone and will automatically reward them when they do useful work. Everyone is different from each other and this system will be able to take that into account. This is the future. Money is the past.

Here is a simple comparison for people who don’t understand: Humanity can be compared to a puppy. In the beginning when the puppy poops indoors, it will be punished and put in prison. But if the puppy listens carefully, it will be rewarded with a cookie. That’s the same with humans. If they work well they get a good paycheck. But when the puppy is adult, the dog knows what is good and what is bad. Then no more cookies are needed. That is also the case with humanity. Everyone knows what is good and what is bad. But if the puppy continues to receive cookies for too long, the dog will become fat and aggressive. That is now happening to humanity. Everyone is fat and aggressive now. Everyone thinks they are better than others. We have waited far too long to get the money abolished. Now we are going to have to hurt humanity a lot to make them behave the way they should. People no longer need rewards and punishments. Everyone knows what is good and what is bad. Those who don’t know read this entire message again.

No more unhealthy cookies. A world without money is a thousand times better. World peace comes naturally when no one uses money anymore. We can solve problems much more easily if there is no money involved. The money system is like cycling with training wheels. Everyone has learned to cycle with side wheels. That’s how everyone learned it and it’s safe. But there are many obstacles along the way and one has to do a lot more work because one gets stuck everywhere. That is the same with the money system. Many people want to have money if someone wants to move forward. Everywhere in the world people have to pay first to move forward or solve a problem. But as long as there is no one who says that without side wheels is much better, everyone keeps on doing. (People are slaves.) So I say now that cycling without training wheels is much better. Without money we can cycle much better and faster around the obstacles. In the beginning it will be difficult to find the balance, but people will certainly not stop working. People will even work more and better if there is no money involved. If something is really necessary, then there are always enough people who want to do the job. That is with all tasks and jobs in the world. Someone who is smarter than another is not better, they just have a different job. And in a few years, robots will be doing the jobs we don’t like doing. So it’s only for a little while.

So those who do not want to give up their money are committing a crime against humanity. So everyone must be registered to donate their money to a charity like Greenpeace, WWF or another by chose. You can also destroy it, but then you must be able to prove that it is gone. Anyone who cannot prove they got rid of their money must leave this planet. No exceptions. Inheritance law must also abolished. No one chooses where he was born.

For many it will be a step too far to just abolish money. But as it is now, it does not go any further. So it might be a good idea to replace all existing currencies with an equal world currency. This may also only be temporary. Think of it as a transitional system to a money-free system. Sometimes a person needs another drug to kick the habit. So a global currency can help kick the greed for money. So we need to create a cashless society during WW3 where everyone in the world gets a fixed universal basic income from the artists-government. All existing debts will then be nullified, but those who have too much will also have to surrender everything. The government must determine how much that will be and must ensure that everyone should receive a relatively equal wage. Of course, people who have always worked well must be taken into account. They will then get a little more than those who have had nothing to do for their money. Saving must be impossible, because the one-world currency will only be temporary until the day money is abolished altogether. By using the money for which it was invented (to suppress), man will be ready to abolish money completely after about 10 years. No one with money will agree to this, but the future of humanity depends on it. When one is dead, one has also no more money. And as long as money is involved, there will always be war, climate change, corruption etc.


There are different religions all over the world. Everywhere there are systems developed supposedly by God. That’s all very well-intentioned, but the problem is that different rules and histories have sprung up all over the world. These all originated in times when there was no internet and communication between these different religions. As a result, many differences have arisen. These are then passed on from generation to generation to their children and then again to their children.

We are now hundreds or even thousands of years later and these religions are still a very important part of our lifestyle. Meanwhile, the whole world is connected through the internet. But because people everywhere have different beliefs about the origin, the future and the way of life, there is now much chaos and division in the world. Everyone thinks that their God is the one and only and that God is only there for their religion. It is believed that it was God who imposed those rules on them.

That is not true. There are not many gods scattered around the world. The world is a round sphere in the universe. And God (or whatever god may be) is there for everyone on this circular planet. There is only one God for all of us. The religious books that used to be written were always written by someone who was different from the rest. This person was very successful and was viewed as being in touch with God. The truth is that everyone is in touch with God. The truth is that you can’t even notice it. Anyone who says he is in contact with God is a liar or has delusions. Not everyone who says he is in contact is necessarily a bad person. Often it is said because they want people to progress in life and the almighty God is called in. If people really want people to follow you, you have to convince them that God is on your side. So it was with all the writers of the sacred books.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that religion is all bad and contains lies. Certainly not! Religion was there to make people work together and love each other. Every religion actually says the same thing and that: be kind and take care of each other. But every religion says it has to be done in a different way. That is very well intended, but is not really necessary. Humans are made to love each other. People who are free in their way of life automatically love each other. It doesn’t require rules or religion. Anarchy is the most beautiful religion because there are no rules and yet everyone will stand up for each other.
So the solution is very simple. If we want to achieve world peace and people to stop arguing over religion, then we must abolish every religion in the world and free people from oppressive rules. For many that will be very difficult because their beliefs are very well established. So we have to show people that with no rules it’s much better to make people work together and love each other.

People think that religion and money are separate. That is not true. Money and possessions are already there for the existing religions. Every religion has a common goal and that is to take good care of each other and how to handle money and possessions. Many think that religion is the big problem on earth. There are many problems with religion, but that is not the main problem. Money is the problem and each religion wants to deal with it differently. If money were to be abolished, all religions would automatically disappear. So if we want to make the many religions work together, the money has to go first.

World peace is what every religion wants, all they have to do is give up their money, the rest will follow!


Education is one of the most important things out there. Without education one cannot know anything. That is normal and yet everyone thinks that those who have no right to school are stupid. Children who have the right to school think that the Africans are to blame for not being able to go to school. Nobody chooses where she was born. The schools usually have been around for a long time before they born. And yet they think they built those schools. Those who have the right to school think they are worth more than those who don’t have the chance. This can be for many reasons. This is possible because there is no school. This is possible because their parents have no money. This may be because they are so heavily oppressed by parents or governments Only a small percentage of the world’s children are entitled to a real education. So there is only a very small percentage who have the right to learn a profession that they want.

All over the world, they are tested at school from a very young age on how smart they are. And only the smart, rich, good-looking students will succeed. Tests are being imposed all over the rules of society. While it’s all lies. The more material and thus lies one knows, the more chance of success. Everywhere in the world people are obliged from a young age to learn these oppressive lies like how handle money. People are actually brainwashed at school and taught that ‘money’ is the only way. All over the world, a child is expected to become adults as fast as possible so that they are a slave to society. Everywhere they are punished if they do not follow the rules. But the rules are all lies. Some students realize this but still have to keep participating. There is an immense amount of oppression and therefore many psychological problems. Lots of depression or aggression. Many are thus categorized from an early age as unfit and weak. While it is the fault of the schools. Not everyone is the same. That never has been and never will be. So why does everyone have to do the same.

Everything starts at school. So all crime, oppression, competition is required to learn in school from an early age. All the crimes in the world could be prevented if schools had once taken into account the needs of the students. It is the schools in the world that have actually helped the world go wrong. Everything starts with good or bad education. But they always blame the people or students. They say they have to stick to the rules. But there are different rules everywhere. Someone who got good grades in school will usually have a good job later on, but will never consider others. It is often the ones with bad points make it real in life. They don’t follow the stupid rules of school and they can make decisions for their own. It’s the ones with bad points who invent things and stand up for society.

So from now on we are going to organize the world’s schools very differently. We are not going to oblige anyone to go to school on time. We are not going to oblige anyone to do tests and tasks. We are not going to force students to know the rules of science or religion because they are influenced by money. We are going to teach them to think for themselves. We will have to teach them a basic knowledge that is very different from what we have today. We are not going to categorize anyone on age, gender, IQ, … From now on, a school must be accessible to everyone. Everyone can go to school only if they want to learn something. Everyone will have to help each other. Everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time. No one knows everything, so stop pretending a teacher is smart. Students also know things that the teacher does not know. Working together is the future, not oppression.

There will be many problems in the beginning. There will be a lot of failure. But if you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you will never change. And if there’s one thing we need, it’s change.

So all schools in the world should going to have to work in the same way. All schools in the world must be open 24/7 day and night. A school has to be the most luxurious place on earth. All schools will be continuously connected with each other through the internet. This way everyone can look up the information themselves. All information and secrets that exist in the world will be found in all schools in the world. In this way everyone has the opportunity to advance their community. From now on knowledge is the future, no more good points and oppression. And that works much better through educational television programs and media then by only reading old books.

Country borders

Invisible country borders have been created all over the world. These often come from a time when there was no internet or telephone. We were needed because everyone in the world had different rules. So it was necessary to set country borders. That way everyone could know where they could go. That way everyone knew where different rules apply. Everyone was also doing everything they could to protect their borders. Many tried to expand their borders. Many succeeded in this and the country was thus expanded. But because others expanded their land, others had to give up their land. They tried to protect their rules and so they defended their borders. Many wars and deaths. While people just wanted to live their lives with their rules. Others thought their rules better and so tried to take over the country. The survivors of the old land had to live by the rules of the transferred. Anyone who didn’t listen was either killed or had to flee to the piece of land they still had.

But it’s been a long time since the world worked like that. This was the case in the Middle Ages, but this time it is all very different. Today almost everyone has their borders as they have been for hundreds of years. Today most realize that it does not have much positive effect. Today everyone knows everyone. There will always be others who will help defend their borders. If there are countries today that want to expand their country, it will turn into a world war. There will always be others who join the fight to help their allies. Then there are others who will help their allies. After a while everyone will start attacking each other. Last time, Adolf Hitler wanted to expand his country and make his rules compulsory to the people there. In the beginning it worked, but everyone wanted to protect their borders. Nobody wanted to give up land. Because how much more land, so much more money there was to be made. So everyone was afraid of losing land. So everyone started to fight everyone. National borders exist these days to protect the local economy. But the economy will disappear. No one will be allowed to own property anymore. The same rules are coming everywhere. So why do we still need those national borders? They are no longer needed for anything these days. Anyone can go anywhere today. So it is better not to regard these ancient invisible borders of the country as real anymore.

There will be many natural disasters on Earth in the future. So a lot of land will disappear and new land will appear. So many people will have to flee to other countries. So it is important that everyone opens the borders to everyone. No more control. It will be difficult at first, but after a while everyone will notice that they are all the same. Those who hold unarmed civilians armed at the border must be executed.

If everyone wants to get to know the world as it really is, all boundaries will have to disappear. People are deeply oppressed in their minds by these national borders. People may go beyond their borders these days, but they must not think about his opinions. They are not allowed to express their opinion. There are still stupid people who continue to protect their borders as they used to be. The world is one big competition between these countries. Nuclear war is imminent because there are some who think their country borders are the end of the world. They don’t think beyond their borders.

If we ever want to travel through space, we will now have to open all boundaries. Otherwise, the big countries will want to expand their country into space. Then there will be national borders in space. Then they start fighting in space. But it never would have come that far. World War 3 would have destroyed all countries so that we could never go to space. So if we want to go even further, we will now have to open all borders.

There should be only symbolic country borders. And on those boundaries are based on the culture of the people. It may therefore be that a city is a country from now on. Many countries will be split up. Everyone will have to respect each other’s culture. And the people will have to decide for themselves to where this culture counts. And someone who doesn’t like this culture, looks for a different culture and country.

So we have to redistribute the world. Those who keep fighting for more land will have to die. Greed is no longer allowed. Soon there is only one nation. And that one nation will be divided based on culture. Not based on religion or history. So most of the land in the world will no longer be owned by humans. Most of the land will be owned by the animals that live there. And when one enters that country, the rules of nature count.

How should we do that then? Here’s an example of how we can divide it. We can divide the world into 10 continents or provinces.The world can be divided into Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, Siberia, Arabia, Asia, Oceania, North America, Caribbean and South America. These 10 provinces will then be divided into municipalities of the old provinces or states of each old country. And every province and municipalities will have to be headed by a king or queen. The existing countries will therefore disappear. Thus thousands of municipalities will arise in the world so that there will be no more great powers.


Since World War 2, the media sector has progressed enormously. All over the world, data is distributed through media. There are newspapers, radio, television, internet platforms, smartphones, etc. It is said to be used to spread the truth. That is not true. 99% of what is said in the media is a lie or is simply not the truth. The truth is twisted and so people are manipulated by the press. Media is almost 100% used to spread propaganda. It always has been. Even when there were no newspapers, people in the village square called out that witchcraft or something had happened.
The media sector is being manipulated by the existing elites and politicians. Anyone who has a different opinion in the media sector is immediately eliminated. The politicians are responsible for what may be said. There is no such thing as freedom of the press. That never existed. It’s all an illusion.
People don’t want to believe that because then they have to give up all their beliefs. They will suffer when they discover that everything is a lie. They do not want to suffer, so they continue to believe the lies of the press.
The press is being manipulated by the elites without knowing. The following drawing explains perfectly how the system really works. As you can see, the media is just a way of dividing the people. Because that’s what they stand for. Division. It always has been. If the elite have no interest in the people or nature, the media never will. So we need to turn the existing wealthy elite into artists. And that is only possible with a revolution! Only then will the media spread the truth.

Date and time

There are different calendars all over the world. It is usually based on their local religion. If we abolish the existing religions and start a global religion (based on the truth), we will of course need a new calendar.

Everyone thinks that the date and time cannot be changed. Everyone thinks this is a rule of nature. That is not true. We can change our calendar. Our entire lifestyle is based on this calendar. That is so stupid. Everyone has a biological clock built into our brains. It is much better to use these. This one is much better for your health.

But abolishing it will not be possible immediately. We need a calendar to be able to make agreements with each other. Otherwise, it is difficult to know when to do something. But we can change this calendar. We will continue to keep the 24 hour clock. Otherwise it will be too difficult, but it would be better to use the same hour all over the world. So the time zones must become the same timezone everywhere. In some places the sun rises at 8 hour and in other places it rises at 16 hour. That seems very strange, but people need to realize that time can be changed. But we can do away with weekdays and months. That in itself is not that important. But it can help to make people realize that the date is a rule made by man.

Better to give a different name and number every day of the year. It would be nice if every existing country and religion could name a specific day and then it would be used all over the world.


But why are there so many weapons? That’s very simple. It’s not because people want to kill each other or because people are ‘bad’. That is simply because there is a lot of money to be made with it. Producing weapons and then selling weapons is good for the economy. Some people earn a lot of money from it and are thus rewarded for killing people. There have always been tensions between people and that will not be resolved immediately. And as long as money is involved, weapons will always be produced. And when there are tensions, the first thing people do is buy weapons and it becomes very easy to kill each other. If money is abolished, there will be absolutely no reason to make weapons. Because it’s not the users of weapons that make them. It’s business people who make weapons, because greed is immense in a money system. They have absolutely no interest in peace, because they are rewarded for their massacres. But at the moment there are more weapons than people on Earth because the ‘money’ economy has been around for a long time. We should forbid using the existing weapons.

So weapons are prohibited in the near future. They will also no longer be needed. But that will not be for immediately. Firearms are available all over the world. Especially in America. That’s so cowardly to use that. Shooting someone unarmed is so stupid. They will be punished a lot for that. From now on it is absolutely forbidden to own or use fire weapons. This while not be a war between countries and cultures. This is going to be a war to save humanity. We don’t need weapons for that. Everyone has a gun to protect their lives, they think. From now on this is no longer the case. Anyone who does not want to surrender their weapons will somehow die. No exceptions. No one will survive with firearms. Only the experts in this world are allowed. And only against those who do not have permission from the global government. Ordinary soldiers and police officers are absolutely prohibited from using firearms. They cannot decide when to use weapons and when not to. A baby can shoot, but there are few in the world who can decide when and when not to. Those who continue to use firearms to protect their property and stupid rules must be executed. Zero tolerance! Also those who just own weapons. All firearms worldwide must be returned immediately and recycled into something useful.

Those who want to fight for their freedom will have to fight with swords and axes. A sword is much more powerful than an atomic bomb. So fight like a real warrior. The one who fights with guns, fights like a loser. They will die as a loser and they will be remembered as a loser … forever.


As long as there are people, people are locked up in prisons. People are locked up when they break the rules. Anyone who does something wrong, according to the governments, should be locked up. It is believed that their punishments with incarceration will make them a better person. It never was and never will be.

When they are then locked up in prison, they are no longer looked after. Sometimes someone has to be locked up for up to twenty years and no longer allowed to have contact with the outside world. After all these years someone is released and dropped into a totally new world with new rules and new people. They have absolutely no idea what to do. Because they have not experienced evolution and have had no guidance. They have become completely unworldly. So they only have one choice and that is to become a criminal again. If they had been better guided, they had more opportunities to live back in society. They call imprisonment justice and that is synonymous with revenge. For some criminals this is the only way, but for most people this is not a solution. For most people, a different punishment is more appropriate. Better to make sure they don’t do it any more than shut them down all the time. That is of no use to anyone and nothing has ever been solved with it.

There are no bad people. There are only people who do bad things. People do bad things because they are influenced by the system of our societies. People are forced to do bad things. People don’t make their own choice. So why keep people locked up behind bars.

So all prisons must be opened. Everyone should be given a new chance. Now there is the only question ‘is this person a danger to society?’ In 99% of the prisoners they will be no danger. Not every drug dealer or murderer is a danger to society. These people should all be released with or without guidance. And that 1% who is a danger to society should be sentenced to death. People who can never live in a society again are better off dying. Dying is not as bad as being in prison for life.

From now on, someone will end up in prison based on who they are and not on what they do or how they look like. The racists and oppressors who do not want to change should be locked up in a prison where they can then die. A prison must become like a concentration camp. Anyone who is still caught up there will not be able to leave it alive anymore. But first everyone must be given a new chance.


Everyone thinks life is a competition. Governments require us to constantly fight to be the best. At school it is a competition for the best points. The economy is a competition to make the most money. The gaming industry is a competition. There are sports competitions such as the Olympic Games. A competition is made of everything. And because of that people become very stupid and they are no longer concerned with real life. People risk everything to win. In fact, people think they are won if they live longer than someone else. The whole world has now become a competitive game. Nuclear war is imminent because everyone wants to win.

In a game there are always more losers than winners. Often there are not even winners. The winner always thinks he is better and therefore has a lot of pride and becomes very arrogant and begin to suppress others. While winning a game is always pure luck. It’s never because someone is better. That’s always because the winner is better at suppressing and cheating. The winner is always a criminal. Everyone thinks a game is real and therefore the winner always has more rights than others. All the rest of the world will have to die. All the rest of the world is inferior and has to keep their mouths shut and thus become a slave to society. That will never change as long as there are competitions that are considered real.

But the competition that does the most damage is of course the existing ‘money’ economies. Governments in the world oblige everyone to fight for money. Everyone is constantly busy with money and therefore a competition. And so, when one is playing a game, one will never know when danger is imminent and one will never have time to think for oneself.
When one plays a game one will never be able to use the sixth sense. The sixth sense can only be used if one is thinking freely at that moment. By constantly thinking about money, one is therefore in constant danger of life. competition is the source of evil and the global money system thus creates a constant threat. Money not only causes division, disease, death and war, it also causes people to die in natural disasters.
It is thought that we make progress through competition, we don’t, competition is a barrier to progress. competition causes blockages and therefore no progress. Real progress always comes from someone who doesn’t play games!

Compare it with if one is focused on a game, then one has absolutely no awareness of what is happening around them. All other senses then work less well and that is also with the sixth sense.

So we have to get rid of all competition around the world. All competitions should be banned for a few years. Never again will anyone be obliged to follow a competition. Whoever forces others to follow a competition commits a crime against humanity. Really all competitions should disappear for a time. (economy, sports games, all types of tests, even card games). When everyone in the world understands how the world really works, competition is allowed again. But then only fair play will remain.


Everyone thinks we need possessions to survive. That is not entirely true. People use things in everyday life to make life easier. But one should not ‘own’ this. One can use anything materialistic without actually possessing it.

Owning something is a constant effort to protect it from theft. That is because property is very unfairly distributed in the world. All possessions have a monetary value and are therefore always interesting to steal. If the money is abolished, the value of items also expires. So why do you want to keep ‘owning’ that? Wouldn’t it be nicer if people make sure that everyone can enjoy materialistic items? So one is going to have to learn to share and stop owning something. That doesn’t mean we can’t use anything anymore. We just need to change the meaning of possession. We just need to find a new word for the concept of ‘possessions’

For many this will be difficult because they think they have worked for it. That is only partially true. Some have had the chance to work, or just happened to have a better brain that allows them to earn a better income. No one chooses who he is or where he was born. Owning something that someone else cannot have is always pure luck. It’s never because someone is ‘better’. And by owning something, one always wants more and more. The greed that creates ‘money and possessions’ is so immense that the entire environment and climate must suffer. People are therefore constantly playing a game and will never be able to use their sixth sense.

So people should not immediately give up all their possessions. But one has to learn to put that out of their mind. One must learn to psychologically say goodbye to all their possessions. In this way people will start thinking more about sharing and standing up for society. No longer just thinking about themselves.
Many, of course, will not. That’s not so bad either. Most of the possessions people have these days don’t last that long. So their possessions are worn out before the end of the war. By abolishing money, one cannot buy anything new. And by not wanting to participate in the new world order, one cannot use anything new either. So if one continues to maintain that greed, one will soon die, so that you no longer own anything anyway.
Some examples to make it clearer:

  • Items with sentimental value (wedding rings, photos, etc.) should never be taken without good reason. Only if it harms others (such as religious items)
  • Some people have only one outfit and some have more than a hundred. If you have 5 outfits in your closet, that’s enough.
  • Why does every house have to have all kinds of electrical appliances, when 99% of the time they are all unused. Wouldn’t it be better if there was one washing machine for 10 houses?
  • A personal vehicle is just a sign of wealth. The more beautiful the car, the more prestige the owner has. The car is just like a scoreboard of how much money you have. It has nothing to do with freedom these days.
  • Everyone can think for themselves why it is better to cancel possessions

  • For many this will be very difficult, but there is no other way out. There are many more crises to come in the future. And people who are only concerned with protecting their possessions will never want to help others. Money and possessions create greed and greed creates selfishness and selfishness creates destruction. So everything on this globe must be owned by the artists world government. It should be run by artists because these kinds of people have no greed. These artists will then distribute everything to those who deserve it. This should then last until the moment that people have forgotten the concept of ‘property’. So from the moment the reset is entered, everyone will lose everything. So the more you have and the greater your greed, the more difficult it will be for you to adapt. But the future of humanity depends on it, so we have no choice.


Almost everyone has a house where they live. Everyone has to provide their own house or place to stay. That’s so stupid. Many get a lot of money and can live in a big house and others have no chance of money and have to live in slums or on the street. Each house is then equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage, etc. This takes up a lot of space and is very harmful to the environment. Most or the time these rooms are not even used. The world is filled with homes that are barely used. The world is overpopulated and will continue to rise in the future. And to give everyone a place to live without affecting the environment, we urgently need to start living and building in a different way.

How to do that is very drastic and is a bit like communism in the beginning. But communism is only bad because money is involved. Bad leaders who do not consider the people keep all the money for their own and because of their greed they will never want to share. With artist leaders, that will look more like freedom.

It is better that no one in the world should be allowed to own a house anymore. We are not going to build any more personal houses in the future. We are going to build cities where everyone gets a nice place to sleep and where kitchens and bathrooms are not included. Everyone will have to eat and wash in a public place. In this way everything can be much more environmentally friendly, hygienic and easier to organize. A bit like a hotel/festival system. In this way we can live in a much smaller place with many more people without there being overcrowded. Just like an ant colony does. Everyone gets what they are entitled to and everyone has their job until the moment when robots will take over our tasks.

Of course, no one should be evicted from their home for no reason. Ownership of a house will only have a symbolic meaning. But the world population will grow enormously after the war and everyone should have the right to own a home. So we must now seize all the property in the world. A reason for an eviction may be:

  • Houses that are illogical and climate-damaging. They will have to be broken down and recycled. (but only if they can go elsewhere) .
  • Houses located in a flood zone. If a flood occurs, the entire household contents end up in the water and are therefore spread over a large part. This has a huge impact on the environment. The sea will also start to rise soon and so all coastal cities will have to be cleaned up before the sea comes.
  • There aren’t many reasons to evict someone from their home. But if you know that 90% of all homes are climate-damaging or located on flood plains, you also know that many people have to leave. So I propose to immediately build good refugee camps far away from the water. We need to organize a global evacuation where not only the people, but everything else will have to move. The sea will rise, we don’t know when. But it will happen, but then it will be too late. It is a solution about how we can live in cities and villages. If we were to abolish money, anything is possible.

When we’ve come this far and all over the world cities are built in this way, everyone can travel and stay freely wherever they want. Absolute freedom can only be achieved with a short but strict communist regime. In twenty years the world could look like this, but then everyone has to help.


Nowadays all transport works on fossil fuel. That will not disappear immediately either. But it will have to be much less. Nowadays everyone has their own car. Many have even more. There is an immense amount of traffic jams all over the world and therefore a lot of noise and air pollution. Making the cars electric will reduce local air pollution, but it will not solve all these other problems. As long as everyone wants to have a personal vehicle, there will always be many problems. So we will have to focus much more on public transport in the future. Everyone then thinks of buses, trains and planes. Aircraft will remain banned for unnecessary matters for a while. So we will have to focus more on automatic land transport. Today’s buses and trains are not automatic and are very polluting. So that’s something for the scientists to solve. We probably will have to live closer together to provide everyone with transport. Only then can we be connected with each other.

But we are not that far yet. Everyone now has a personal car or truck. Everyone uses these for things they want. That will now change. From now on, vehicles may only be used for society. Nobody should own a vehicle now. No one should again use a vehicle for personal entertainment. Only for society. For example, if someone has to go and get food from the store. Then grab food for the entire street. With 1 car the same can be achieved as with 10 cars. So everyone is going to have to work together to achieve the basic needs. Those who do not want to work together will not be able to survive.

Today, a vehicle must always drive on the road and must be driven by a person. But an immense number of accidents happen in traffic. An immense number of injuries and fatalities in traffic. So from now on, only people who can drive or want to learn to drive are allowed to drive. But everyone thinks they can drive well. That is not true. Anyone who drives with both hands on the wheel, anyone who never goes faster than the speed limit, anyone who always obeys the traffic rules are very bad drivers. They have no reflexes. They put themselves and others in great danger. They are absolutely no longer allowed to drive. This is only allowed in dire emergencies and only with the four direction indicators on. That way everyone can see that they have to watch out for this car. There should be only 3 more rules in traffic. If someone breaks something, he has to help to fix it. If someone hurts or kills another person (due to bad driving or inattention), this person will never drive again. When someone commits a hit and run. Death penalty for them. Everything else is allowed. Then everyone will see that accidents no longer happen.

Anyone who can no longer or may no longer use their car must return it. All cheap and ugly cars must be returned as soon as possible. These must be stocked far from the seas where they can be recycled later. Only the fast and cool cars, trucks, buses may still be used.

Later, when artificial intelligence takes over our tasks, everyone can drive around freely again. Then it’s smart computers that keep everything running smoothly. And then there will be no more unnecessary deaths and injuries in traffic.


Every country in the world has its own army. This could really be a problem. Every head of government uses these armed slaves to protect his laws. An army was invented to fight with other countries. All over the world armed slaves are ready to attack the enemy. They all blindly follow the orders of their stupid leaders. They are the pinnacle of slavery. They are the real criminals in the world. They are taught to be afraid and therefore to appear aggressive. They are all completely brainwashed. That is understandable. If they don’t listen, they will be punished or executed. So they blindly follow orders. They think they are the strongest in this world. That is not true. They are the weak. They cannot make decisions for their own. They should always look at the other or ask for advice. They always line up nicely. They are the dumbest people on the planet. In many parts of the world there are even just to oppress their people. In many places the army did not serve to defend their country. They are only there to threaten their people. In many places they shoot unarmed people for not working enough.

All commanders in the world should be fired. All soldiers must work for the world government. They need instructions because they cannot make decisions on their own. So their job is no longer to oppress people, but to help people to get their basic needs. They are the only ones allowed to use weapons and only against armed enemies. Soldiers who do not want to contribute to world peace should be given the death penalty.


Racism is one of the greatest problems on Earth. So we are going to have to be very strict about this. Racism in any form is absolutely prohibited. Any form of racism must be punishable by death.

But it’s not just white people who are racist. There are racists in every society. In every culture and class there are people who have prejudices against a different-looking person. They are stupid people who have no idea at all. They are a great threat to human survival, so they must disappear.

Everyone must get a second chance. But anyone who continues to think they are better than anyone else should face the death penalty. Any form of racism, terrorism, prejudice must be punished with death. We have to. They are an enormous danger to society. They will always keep oppressing others. It doesn’t matter if they committed an attack or not. We should penalize someone for who they are and not for what they do or say.

So all racists and terrorists have to go. But using firearms is no longer allowed. So then we will have to reopen the concentration camps. We need to establish new camps all over the world. This way we can easily recycle the racists when they are dead. We can use this for organ donor or for science. Unsuitable can be used for composting.

So the racists and terrorists who don’t want to change have three choices.

-They are going to volunteer themselves to such a camp. In this way they will die a peaceful and human death.

-Or they will not register themselves. They will try to run. In this way they will be killed in a very gruesome way.

-Or they will resist and try to fight back. In this way they will be caught alive. They must be tortured for a very long time in a way that has never happened before. They must beg to be may die, but dying is not allowed.

Racists must disappear as soon as possible. Every form of racism and terrorism must be fought. Weapons must be allowed against racists who resist.

computer chip (neuralink)

It is not really something to do with nature, but it is also not a system of oppression. It is possible to build a chip in our body. To many that may seem like science fiction, but it is possible today. That is humanity’s next step. This is the future. It has immense benefits. In the near future this must become mandatory for everyone. But many will not be ready for this yet. A chip in the brain should never be mandatory either. So not everyone will be placed in the brain. For many it will take years before they are ready for this. This technology is also something you have to earn. But it is possible to plant one in their hand. If you want to have freedom rights, you will have to do this. Man will die out. So one has the choice between mutation or extinction. We must mutate into a being that is one over the world. That is the only way to achieve this. As long as man has existed, man has dreamed of world peace. If technology can help us do that, why not do it?

In a money system this can be used to oppress the people. But when money is abolished, it can be used to relieve people of all other oppression rules. It can be used to discover the absolute truth. This is necessary if we want to develop a new economic system. The current economic system as it exists today (the money system) has taken thousands of years to develop. The world is being destroyed by that economic system. So we urgently need to develop a new system. But we don’t have thousands of years to develop a new system. With the neuralink people are getting much smarter and it is probably the only way to move forward without affecting people’s freedoms.

On this site you can see what the neuralink stands for:

*Some advantages of a chip in the hand:

-It is a passport that contains all your data. So no more wallet needed.

-Missing people can be tracked down and crimes can be solved easily.

-It’s an antivirus. Diseases can be detected early.


*Some disadvantages of a chip in the hand:

-The government knows everything about you.

-The government always knows where you are.

*Some advantages of a chip in the brain (neuralink):

-One can communicate with each other without talking.

-One can fight trauma, psychosis, addictions and other mental illnesses.

-A built-in navigation system and one can operate all other apps from a smartphone with our brains.

-People can listen to music and that way we can steer people in the right direction.

-The average IQ will rise and continue to rise.

-We can easily develop a new alternative economic system. One that everyone benefits from. One without money.

-It is easier to learn and speak all languages because then we can simply download a language.


*Some disadvantages of a chip in the brain:

-People no longer feel like a human being.

-The government can control you.

But today’s government and politics elite would use this technology to oppress the citizens. In the wrong hands, it could mean total oppression or the total enslavement. Just imagine that an existing president of America, China or Russia gets such a neuralink. The first leader to get that scheduled will rule the world. Their character will not change. The value of that first leader will not disappear. Someone who is used to oppressing his people will continue to do so, only it will be a million times worse. Just imagine a person a million times more racist than Adolf Hitler.

People need to be able to discover this technology freely if we want to make progress with it as well. Imagine everyone being forced to have the same thoughts. People should be able to use these technologies to free them from barriers. This should never be used to create barriers. People should be able to play and keep making art. And this is only possible if everyone is free in their way of thinking. And together with this technology, people will become much smarter and so more art will be created. Only with this technology can we make the world a great work of art. So paradise!

Everyone is afraid of these technologies. That’s because there’s no trust in the leaders we’ve always had. So the government of the future must be very different. For the first few years, this system has to be led by the greatest artists from around the world. People who are ‘different’. People who control the people without oppressing them. But they can’t do that forever. So we have to automate. We need to connect all people to the internet. So we have to create an global artificial government. An artificial god who follows everyone and helps to steer them in the right direction. This won’t be tomorrow. But we have to work on this together for the next decade. Because the greatest benefit of connecting our brain to the internet is eternal life. Then we enter the world of god. We will be able to copy our thoughts and continue to live in a virtual world after we die. Later we will be able to copy our thoughts again in a new body. But first we have to choose who deserves eternal life with a global revolution.

Eternal life is what many people want. But it is also a necessity. People only think of their own and only think as far as their own life. People only think about 50 years in the future. Most people don’t even do that. People don’t want to work on something that takes so long until they’re gone. Why would people build a city for 30 years and then die? People prefer to build a house for 2 years in order to be able to live there for 50 years. So if we want people to build a better future, they have to live longer.
For example, at the beginning of the cars it was already known that it was harmful to the environment. But it was said ‘before the world is polluted, I will be gone. That no longer bothers us.’ And they were right, they are all dead already. If these people had lived longer, they knew they would still suffer from it. Then the cars would never have been so polluting. So if people live longer they will think further and will have to pay for their mistakes themselves.


Everyone thinks these rules are man-made. How we use the internet is made by humans. The internet is influenced by the money system. Because the internet is used with money, there are many problems on the internet. All programs and sites are made with one goal and that is to make money. As a result, there are immense viruses and suppression. The internet has not been around for very long and is already completely used up. It contains an immense amount of data that is of no use to anyone.

So we have to reset the internet. We need to create a new 5G or even 6G kind of internet that is not affected by the money system. We have to because we will be connecting our brains to the internet in the future. And as long as the internet is misused, that will never be possible safely. So we are going to have to create a new internet if we want to move forward. We now know the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. So that new internet will only have advantages.


Another system that does not really have anything to do with nature. But this will relieve people a lot and will give people much more time to take care of nature. Everyone thinks this is something from a science fiction movie. In that film this is always made wrong and it is not realistic. But today’s technology is almost as close to robotics as it is in those science fiction movies. But as long as we continue to follow the money system, it is never possible to make real robots work for us. These would then be used to oppress humans. So if we do away with the money, we can make the robots work for us and we can enjoy our freedom. It is possible to use robots for almost all jobs. We can use robots as slaves without anyone giving up. Through artificial intelligence we can also make the robots smarter than us and we can even have the inventions of the future come up.

Examples of robots that will change the future:

At the beginning:

-We can do transportation by self driving trucks.

-We can be transported by self-driving cars and trains.

-We can have robots do agriculture.


-We will be able to make robots that look like humans and give them household tasks.

-We will be able to make robots that make other robots.

-We can deploy robots in the medical sector and have them perform operations.

-We can let robots invent things.

-We can let robots make us music.

These possibilities are only possible if we do away with the money system, because if we don’t then that science fiction movie will become a reality and robots will be used to fight war. That would be a shame. In today’s economic system (the money system) it is simply impossible to let robots do our work because then many people lose their jobs and thus lose their income. A fixed basic income for everyone is a temporary solution, but that cannot go well forever. By preserving the money system, there will be an even greater inequality between the classes. So in the long run, the money has to disappear if we want everything to be automated.


Uncontrolled reproduction is the biggest cause of overpopulation. But something can be done about that these days. This will be a very sensitive topic for many. Especially for all mothers in the world. In many places in the world, women are there just to have children. Every mother in the world loves their children. That is because they suffered immensely to make this child. But that is no longer necessary these days.

It is possible to make children in a kind of lab. In this way we can ensure from before birth that this child does not have any illnesses or abnormalities. It is difficult to say exactly how they do this. But that is by using DNA from parents. So it is possible to make children with two biological mothers or even fathers. It is even possible to have more than ten biological parents. For many it will be difficult, but this is the future. This way, new children can discover the world for themselves without being obliged to follow the rules of their parents. In this way we can also ensure that no new people come with illnesses. These children will also grow up naked together more often. Only then will there never be no more rapes. It will be much better for those children. Children don’t really need parents. They just need someone to love them. In this way the whole world will love them. Everyone will be their parents. Women who still want to give birth naturally will not be forbidden. But that is also better for them. Because no more births are needed, they can be made infertile and therefore no longer have monthly periods. More fun without worries. So it is better that all young people are made infertile from very young. But no one is obliged. After a while everyone will notice that this is better.

Food and water

Food is distributed very unfairly in the world.

Many places have no food. And in other places they throw away half because they have too much. In many places people are so fat that a lion can eat it for a whole year. In other places they are so malnourished that they will die of starvation. The only reason for this is again the economy and countries that think they are worth more than others because they won a game.

The climate is also a major cause of this. In many places it is very difficult to grow crops. In many places they depend on the weather. So often the harvest will fail and famine threatens. If they don’t have money then no one will help them.

Now the whole climate will change. Nowhere in the world will it be possible to grow crops outside. The cattle need these crops to eat too. So the meat industry will also disappear. So there will be a huge famine worldwide. We cannot avoid that. That will happen.

But we can make sure to limit the damage as much as possible. We can make sure everyone gets the nutrients they need without growing crops in fields. We can grow insects indoors. Grasshoppers, for example, are very nutritious. If these are made tasty with herbs, it can be very pleasant. But of course we also need vegetables. They can also be grown indoors. Crops do not need to be fully grown to eat. That was only good for the economy. Micro-greens can be grown very quickly with very little water. They are even more nutritious than fully grown vegetables. So it is not necessary to keep cutting forests to grow crops that are largely thrown away anyway.

micro vegetables
insect burger

But at the moment this form of food farming is hardly available anywhere in the world. People everywhere are used to going to the store and buying food grown in a field. So everyone is still dependent on this type of food for the time being. So everyone is going to have to be thrifty and are going to have to share with each other.

Everyone has a different physique, so everyone needs different amounts of nutrients. A tall person must eat more than a small person. Naturally, this must also be taken into account. But children must come first.

Then of course there is also water that we need. On average, a person can die without water for 3 days. But after 1 day a person starts to give up. So water is a priority. In many places in the world they have never drunk pure water and they get sick from the water. In other places they use pure drinking water for washing, cleaning the car, watering grass, swimming pool, … and is literally thrown away. All the fault of the economy again. While 90% of the world is water, millions of people die of thirst every year.

That will be done now. Scientists today have developed various technologies to convert seawater into drinking water. It is possible to purify wastewater into drinking water. It is even possible to extract drinking water from the air. There are many possibilities if the ‘money’economy is abolished. Otherwise it would be priceless.


Everyone thinks that nothing can be done about it. People have been getting sick for thousands of years. And the drugs that are being developed always have side effects. Often people become even sicker after being treated with drugs. People just keep getting sick and dying. Everyone thinks the doctor will fix it. That is not true. The doctor makes you think you are healed. Later you will get sick again. Nothing is done to prevent disease. Everyone thinks that nothing can be done about it. That is not true. People only get sick because it is good for the economy. Many people become very rich because people get sick. They will never want to do anything to make people really heal. They just want money. While it is possible even before birth to make people immune to AIDS, cancer, the flu, …. But someone who does something like that plays with the income of the doctors and will therefore be taken out of society.

The world’s governments are obliging their people to get sick so that they can make a lot of money. Really all diseases can be prevented. That is even easier than 1 + 1 = 2. Better to prevent than to cure. That makes sense. The economy will now be abolished worldwide. So there will be no more reason to get sick. From now on, health care is a priority. This is the most important thing in the coming years. Then everyone will see that the cure for Alzheimer’s, cancer, corona, Ebola, aids, ….. was already possible decades ago. So in a few years, the cure will be available all over the world. And will not always be a pill or a syringe. Often it will be mental medicine. A few more years later, everyone will be immune to all existing diseases. This is the real truth !!! What will help us with this is a chip. Everyone gets a chip built in that keeps an eye on their health. A computer also has a virus scanner, why should a person not have one. The possibilities of such a chip are endless. People will then know in advance if they are going to become ill, so that action can be taken before it is too late.

Also now with the corona virus. Several vaccines have been developed. One already works better than the other. But such a vaccine is only made in one place. The person who developed the vaccine wants to make a lot of money on it. They all patent these vaccines. They will never make the recipe public, because then others will make a lot of money from it. But because the vaccine is only made in one place, everything goes very slowly. So people die just because the vaccine developer wants to make a lot of money from it. The money is now being abolished, so there is no longer any reason not to make the recipe public. By making the recipe public, every lab and university in the world can make its own vaccines. In this way one can save millions of lives.

physical pain
mental pain

Almost all people in the world know what pain is. Pain is a message to say something is wrong. Pain has steered us in the direction we are today. Only when someone is in pain will they change. There are two types of pain. Physical pain and mental pain. Human physical pain has already found many solutions. Nowadays, if someone is injured, it can often be cured in a hospital. That is very good, but it can be even better. But that other kind of pain, mental pain, is often considered not real. People only believe what they see. Physical pain is clearly visible. Mental pain can only be felt. But that is not considered real. There are only a few systems in the world that take into account the mental well-being of humans. That is so stupid. Mental pain is much more damaging than physical pain. Someone who is in mental pain cannot function. There are an immense number of people in the world who suffer mental pain. They are ready for change, but as long as world leaders don’t know what mental pain is, change will never come. The smart people in the world only think of their own through the money system. They are right, so why should they change. They are smart enough to develop a system that works for everyone. But as long as they get it right, they will never stand up for others. So if we want to have world peace, then we have to make sure that the world leaders and the smart people in this world experience what pain is. Because only when they are in pain will they change.

Sixth sense

Everyone knows the five senses we have. Hear, taste, smell, see and feel. Everyone thinks those are the only senses. Many have heard of a sixth sense, but most do not believe in it. And yet it exists. Scientists discovered a long time ago that very few animals always die during a natural disaster. These animals are telepathically warned of the danger and can flee in time. Man is also an animal and can sense this too. But there is one big difference with animals. People follow rules and animals are free in their way of thinking. It is because people are constantly preoccupied with rules that they die in a natural disaster. It is the oppression of society that prevents man from using the sixth sense.

Only free people can do this. The artists in this world. But they no longer know what this is for and do not attach any importance to it. That is because they are often laughed at and very insecure. It is the 99% slaves in the world that make the artists insecure. A slave absolutely cannot use this telepathic sense. That’s simply because they have been brainwashed by rules and follow them blindly without following their gut and thinking for themselves. They think they are better than someone who thinks for themselves and oppress the free people because they seem stupid because they don’t know the rules. But it is precisely the thinkers and artists who have ensured all progress. Not the slaves.

But that telepathic sixth sense has to come from somewhere. We don’t have to look far for that. It is our union with god and the universe. Everything and everyone is connected telepathically but only the artist is helped, the slaves are just used as pawns. Someone who is free in their way of thinking is helped by god or aliens. That’s always been the case. It is god who made sure that all evolution went like this until man remains. That sixth sense is the thing that connects everything. Without a sixth sense there was no life.

How to re-learn that sixth sense is actually not that difficult. One just has to see what the big difference is between humans and animals. And that is that people follow rules and animals do not. So we have to build a society where we don’t have to follow the rules anymore. We can abolish most of the rules in one day by abolishing the money. Almost all rules have only one goal and that is how to handle money. The sixth sense comes back automatically when we abolish the money. It is through the use of money that people die in a natural disaster. Animals are actually anarchic and free in their way of thinking and therefore they do not die during a tidal wave or volcanic eruption. If money is abolished there will still be rules, but not as many as a society with money. In order to abolish all rules, we must therefore automate everything by means of robots with artificial intelligence. As long as people have to work themselves and therefore have to follow rules, people will always continue to die.


We use energy or electricity for an immense amount of things. But we make this energy in a very primitive way. We use fossil fuel for everything. Most power plants run on fossil fuel such as coal. We run our vehicles on diesel and petrol. We fly through the air with kerosene. We use harmful fossil fuel for the production of all products on earth. That is understandable. That can simply be found on earth. We don’t need to know much about that. The whole economy revolves around fossil fuel. In the old days, people didn’t know any better. But these days it is only used to make rich people richer. The economy is being abolished so there is no reason to use this shady energy anymore. There are many other ways to generate energy. There are hydro-power plants, windmills, …. We can run cars on hydrogen or electricity. There are also the nuclear power plants. They are very environmentally friendly but as everyone knows that can also go wrong. There are several examples of this. But they persist because the rich people want to.

So nuclear power plants no longer have a future. Fossil fuel plants pollute the air a lot. There is also no point in keeping fuel for long. Liquid fuels often expire after a year. So there is no future in that either. Water power stations are often installed at a dam. Many dams in the world will break. So there is no future in that either. Wind turbines are very environmentally friendly, but they do not provide that much electricity. We cannot possibly fill the whole world with windmills. That wouldn’t be nice either. No future in either. Solar panels are actually just a ridiculous invention. No future in either. How are we going to solve that?

Very simple. Listen to the scientists who know something about it. It is actually very stupid to hang and integrate a power grid with cables everywhere. It’s better to let everyone take care of their own power. But nobody could afford that. That would be very expensive. The economy will disappear, so now that is possible. But of course we cannot give every house in the world a separate environmentally friendly power generator. So we will have to live closer together. That is the only way to provide everyone with energy. We will have to live like an ant colony.

This article is very vague. There is no immediate solution to the energy problems. World War 3 will be one long energy crisis. But one can be sure of one thing. Money is a barrier to discovering new things. So when the money is gone, so is the biggest barrier to progress. When the money is gone, new opportunities arise to develop new energy sources.

But what is also true, but cannot be proven, is that after the great war, aliens will land on Earth. They will congratulate us and reward us with an unlimited and climate-friendly energy source. That is to say: if there is no more aggression and war on earth, there will never be an energy crisis again.


Most people have never heard of this. Most people are used to throwing away everything they no longer need. This then ends up on a dump or is burned so that the air becomes heavily polluted. Very often the waste ends up in nature or in the ocean. That was not smart. We need nature and oceans to survive. Everything is one big ecosystem where everything is perfectly balanced so that we can eat and breathe. By just dumping all waste everywhere, the world has now turned into one big waste mountain. Everything is polluted, everyone now gets sick and the animals die of poisoning.

Wasn’t it better to recycle the waste? All plastic can be melted and reused. By just throwing it everywhere, all people on earth now have small particles of plastic in their stomach and blood. That’s why there are so many cancers and other diseases these days. We poisoned ourselves to death. But as long as the economy is running well, there is no problem, everyone says. Waste is only recycled if there is money to be made from it. Items that do not yield enough money are simply dumped or burned.

That will change in the future. If money is abolished there is no longer any reason to produce waste and therefore no more reason to pollute nature. Everyone is going to have to help clean the world and make it free of waste such as oil products, plastic, … Everything can be recycled. Really everything. There are likely to be some exceptions. But everything has to be reused. Recycling is the new mining industry. First the world will have to be cleaned up before new products can be made. Everything can be reused. Really everything!

But for many that is of course not so obvious. It is in our nature to immediately throw everything away when we no longer need something. So we have to develop an economic system where no more waste products can be made. If we make sure that the governments ensure the rights and privileges based on the good deeds of the citizens. Then we can ensure that less or no more waste is produced.
Some examples:
-If we live closer together (like in an ant colony) we can let everyone eat in a public place. Then we don’t have to pack all the food separately and then sell it in supermarkets. In this way we avoid tons of plastic waste. In this way we can also live healthier lives because the experts choose what we eat.
-The current greed system creates a lot of poor quality products. Many products only last a short time and then end up on the waste mountain. That’s because many of those products and goods are not made to be recycled or repaired. If we ensure that quality is promoted in the new economic system, much less waste will be created. Or at least we can make sure every product made is recyclable.
-Air pollution is also a result of the current economic system. It is possible to recycle exhaust gases, but that costs money and yields nothing. That takes huge investments. So in the future we have to make sure that we avoid waste exhaust gases. Recycling today’s air pollution is the easiest way to plant trees and forests.
-There are plenty of examples of how and why we recycle better. The current system has failed and there is an urgent need for a new system that automatically recycles. If we don’t, we’ll all be poisoned soon.

Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and drugs are banned almost everywhere. It is said to harm our bodies and deteriorate our health. That’s true, but not everything is bad about alcohol and drugs. There is a lot of oppression in society. As a result, many taboos have arisen. Drinking alcohol removes our inhibitions. Our true self comes back by drinking alcohol. By drinking alcohol all taboos disappear and people think in a free way. There are, of course, many side effects from overuse. People simply use too much because they feel better because of drug use because they no longer have a sense of the oppression.

The real holy water

Because our leaders in the world believe that people should behave ‘civilized’, it is banned in many places. One must behave in an orderly manner. Order is a dream of our leaders, but the law of nature says chaos. Our leaders don’t like the laws of nature, so they punish anyone who behaves chaotically. That’s so stupid. People want to be free and alcohol and drugs are the only way to be free these days. But the side effects make many sick and addicted. It is our leaders who actually make people sick and therefore actually kill them. No one chooses to become addicted or sick, it is our leaders who are throwing everyone into the abyss by banning drugs.
Of course, it is not the intention that everyone starts taking drugs on a daily basis. But it should be allowed all over the world. It is mainly because of the money system that drugs are very addictive and therefore available everywhere. If money were to be abolished and all drugs allowed, they would no longer be abused. In the long run, no one would even use drugs anymore. Because when money disappears, oppression also disappears and the craving for narcotics also disappears.

With artificial intelligence built into our bodies, we can mimic the sensation of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, etc. This way we can enjoy a good high without having to take side effects into account. But first one has to finally investigate what it all does to people. Everything is allowed without the money system. But only then will the good remain, the bad will disappear by itself.


All over the world, animals are kept in cages to entertain people. People view the animals as if they are worthless. People think that animals have no feelings. The zoos in the world have already improved a lot in many places in the world. Animals are starting to get better enclosures everywhere. These days, the needs of the animals are more taken into account. But that’s only because a nice stay attracts more visitors. More visitors will bring in more money. Everything is just for the economy. During the corona crisis, fewer or no visitors came and the animals had to suffer more hunger. The animals are only good if there is money to be made with it. The sole purpose of a zoo is to attract visitors and thus earn money. That will now change. In the future visitors are also welcome, but that is no longer the priority. From now on, the main goal is to take care of the animals. All animals in the world that need help should be able to be helped here. From now on the job of the zoo employees is to ensure that the animal world does not die out. All animals in the world must be helped where they live. And those who are injured or weakened must be taken care of in a zoo. All animals in the world from now on have the same rights as humans. And those in danger have even more rights. Animals don’t hurt anyone, animals don’t make mistakes. So why consider them inferior? We are all animals.

Then there is also the wildlife. The wildlife has been struggling the last decades. Everyone thinks it’s normal for wildlife to die of hunger and thirst. They think that is nature, nothing can be done about it. It is not nature that wants all these animals to become extinct. Nature wants us to help animals with their basic needs. We need those animals and the animals need us. Animals must have the same rights as humans. As long as there are animals that do not have what they are entitled to, everyone in the world should be punished for this. Much nature will be destroyed by ice and tsunamis. So many fish are going to die out. If we continue to catch fish, the sea will be completely empty. So from now on it is forbidden to fish. First, the oceans must recover. But life on land has also suffered a lot in the last few decades. Man has taken over everything. The animals are used to walking around freely, but man has put enclosures around all possessions on earth. Nature largely recovers on its own, but then we have to stop fighting against nature. We must immediately stop using harmful products and stop destroying any more nature. No more expansion of agricultural area. But most importantly, all iron fences must be broken down. This is still allowed for safety or around dangerous factories, etc. But all fences to simply indicate a boundary is absolutely no longer allowed. These have to go. This way the wild animals can recover undisturbed.

Then there’s the hunt. All predators on Earth have a hunting instinct. Humans have always had to hunt to obtain food and thus survive. Humans have wiped out so many animal species. But you couldn’t blame them for being hungry. If they didn’t, they would have become extinct themselves. But these days, people really shouldn’t do that anymore. Farmed food is available almost everywhere in the world. And yet there are still idiots who make a sport of shooting wild animals, also again good for the economy.. That’s the cowardly thing there is. That has to stop immediately. It should be illegal to kill wild animals. There should be the death penalty for those who do that. The animals are almost all extinct. Only farmed animals will still be allowed to be eaten. The wild animals must be protected and helped!

In the future, animals will have the same rights as humans. There will be many solutions and inventions in the near future so that the animals can have a better life. An example will be that animal restaurants have to be built in threatened places such as the polar regions. It is possible to replace a fish with a cultured meat product. This can even be made tastier and healthier for animals, but also people. In this way no other animals have to die. But at the moment the animals are still very much afraid of people. We can’t talk to it either. In the future we will be able to communicate with it via a built-in chip. In this way we will finally come to understand each other. Then everyone will see that animals are not aggressive at all. The survival system that has existed for millions of years makes the animals aggressive. If we can make sure that the animals get what they are entitled to, they will return a lot of love and help us spread this love.


Anyone who has known love and anyone who has not known love knows what love is. One who has known love will miss it when it is gone and one who has never known it will always feel like he is missing something. It is love that has brought about all progress. Love is something that cannot be described in words and is therefore a law of nature. But it’s not just a law of nature, it’s the greatest law there is. Without love there would be no life on earth.

But because people are addicted to money, people forget that it is love that produces all progress. True love is not something between two people. True love is standing up for all of society. Loving the planet, the animals, the people and nature is only true love. But people don’t make money with that, so as long as money is involved, nature will never really be loved and the planet will continue to deteriorate further.

Love is a natural law and therefore cannot be justified in a fictitious written law. The different religions have tried, but also cannot clearly articulate what true love is. It is said that true love is something between a man and a woman. About homosexuality or about love for animals or love for nature or the planet nothing is said in the religions. Real love can also be something between two men or two women or between several people or for animals. So the definition of true love is: the attraction between two or more beings. So stop making up rules for how to deal with love. The only rule about love that should be there is: Love everything, worship nothing.

Love is not a disease or weakness. Nor is it strength or power. It’s just who we really are (if we do away with money). How that comes about cannot be expressed in words and language. It cannot be scientifically proven, but it is there. So in the next economic system that we are going to develop, it must certainly be taken into account. The world doesn’t revolve around ones and zeros. It is the love, the attraction, the sixth sense that holds everything together.

So the people of the world think that getting married is real love. In some cases they will, but most married people don’t really love each other. It is the system and society that obliges us to get married. Humans are not made to love just one being. People want to love more things. But that is prohibited by the Marriage Act. People will never stand up for each other if the strict marriage law remains in effect. Marriage is actually a form of being imprisoned.

So it would be better if we officially divorce everyone on Earth. And remarry the people who really love each other the way the beast wills. Only if there is true love can one still marry and this can be between different sexes and several people. And because there is no more money involved, it will be much easier to get married or get a divorce.

Extraterrestrial life (God)

To many, that seems like science fiction. That seems to many a fantasy. That is not true. There are more aliens than there are grains of sand on Earth. If one takes our sun. One livable planet revolves around that. Our Earth has billions of living things. Countless living things have lived in the past. If one were to put a number on it then one would be a number with billions of digits. If one then looks at the sky, one sees innumerable stars. There are billions of times more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. Every star out there is a sun like ours we know. Planets revolve around every star there is, just like ours. Of those countless planets that there are, there will surely be one that is livable like ours. There is no chance that there is no alien life.

There is, of course, no evidence of the existence of aliens. But there is also no proof of the existence of god. But once you realize how big the universe is and you try to wonder what god looks like, then you know one hundred percent sure that aliens exist and you also know that they have been here longer than us. They are among us and they are watching us. There is no other explanation. They’re just waiting for us to figure it out until it’s safe for them to land on Earth.

But how such a different habitable planet looks like is actually very simple. They look just like ours. There will be slight differences. But the evolution of a habitable planet is always very similar to ours. Because of the sixth sense that makes us work together, there is always the first cells that mutate and that continues until finally the human being remains. On every other livable planet, it ends with people ruling the world until someone comes along who figured it all out and unslave humanity. There are no planets where weird dangerous creatures live. Dinosaurs and humans can be found all over the universe.

When a local humanity is unslaved by their messiah and their local gods, they will realize they are not alone and their sixth sense will return. They will then begin to follow the laws of nature and don’t need money or religion anymore. God is not an old man on a cloud. God is a group of people from another planet who know all the laws of nature and help young societies (like us) to steer in the right direction.


These gods love us all. That’s because they made us through evolution to evolve so that man remains. These gods do not like individuals. These don’t love you or me. These gods love a society. So why still think that God will protect you. God uses everyone for their own purposes. They will never ask for an individual’s opinion. They make people sick and dead to steer society in the right direction.

But how come there is no evidence of God’s existence? They are in our heads. The last place man will look for the proof of God is in our brain. So if we want proof of God’s existence, we need to get a good look at our brains. This is possible with the neurallink. We can consciously use more parts of our brain and so we will be able to prove the existence of God. This is necessary if we are ever to come up with a system that is good for everyone. The truth must be known and proved.

This is certainly not how it works, of course. But one thing is certain. It is not how it is in the bible or other religious books. The bible is much further from the truth than my opinion. The Bible was written by one who thinks like a beast along with what was then known. At that time people thought the world was flat, so the Bible cannot be the truth. I grew up with freedom of opinion and thought long and hard about who God is and together with what we know now, I think my opinion is closest to the absolute truth. But I constantly change my mind and in a few years we will have a completely different opinion.

Humanity can be compared to a tree. The roots of the tree are the roots. If you want to study a tree and understand how it works, you must first realize that a tree has roots. In order to understand this tree properly, one must first study its roots. But they are invisible and elusive. It’s the same with humanity. Humanity also has such invisible and elusive roots. We call that God. So in order to properly understand man for what it is, we have to realize that we also have roots. And if we want to understand man, then we have to study our roots and thus begin to fathom the phenomenon of ‘God’.

Art and Music

The definition of true art is: Art is an artist’s creation where he tries to say something forbidden by the oppression of society.

There is a hidden message in every art form. Everything can be art. A painting, an image, a building, a movie, a garden, a game, a statue … There is a hidden message everywhere. Something that could not be expressed in words by the many oppression and taboos in the world.

There are many movies about the end of the world. It’s not allowed to be talked about, so they make a movie out of it. Each of these types of films has the same message. If humans continue to follow the same survival system, humans will become extinct. In each of these movies, people keep doing the same thing as before. And then if the government fails, or when society collapses there will be total chaos. The survivors will be immensely oppressed and will eventually become extinct.

But the greatest art form is music. Music is pure art. It can be used for all kinds of emotions. There is music that frightens people like film music. There is music that makes people fight like war music. There is music for oppression as with religious music. There is music for people to mislead, as happens in advertising. So there is a kind of music for every emotion. But the music of which there is the most is dance music. Music that makes people happy and wants to dance to is the most important thing to save the world. Dancing to music is good for physical health and for mental health. With music one gets people crazy enough to work without getting anything in return.

Everyone thinks music was invented by humans. That is not true. Everyone who follows his feelings, likes to listen to music. That is true for everything and everyone. Even plants grow better when there is music. There is no other human invention that really makes plants better. Plants have been around much longer than humans. So music was there for much longer. Music was already there before the Big Bang. Our maker made us make music in the hope that we would all understand. Feeling the music is the closest simulation of what the world of god is like.

A long time ago, an artist told us “There’s a starman waiting in the sky”. Thanks to another great artist, that is now also a reality. That is the greatest artwork ever made. Our maker says to us: I am waiting for you, do not worry. Music is the most important fuel to finally go to the “sky”.

For millions of years, leaders have been trying to program their people like a computer. That has never been successful. By imposing rules, people will never be allowed to work together. People can program people with music. With music we can arouse any emotion. Music unites people. World peace is only possible with music.

Music is (after love )nature’s greatest law. Music is love, music is freedom. So stop making rules around music. Music and art is a basic right. Plagiarism should be allowed. If money is abolished, there is no more reason not to do it.

Listen to good music and dance to it every day. Then everything becomes so easy to understand. All problems can be solved with music. That is not in the law, it costs no money. So why not do it then.

climate change

For decades, scientists have been warning humanity of a climate catastrophe. No one listens when their lives are in danger. I’m the umpteenth person to say something about it. But people never listen to something that is not allowed in their ideologies. The law says nothing about climate change, so it must not be true, people think. People are slaves and continue to follow the rules even when their house is on fire.

All life on Earth is in danger of disappearing and nobody in the world is doing anything about it. They do talk. Talking is all the law allows. But talking has never solved anything. This is real insane. People always talk about human rights. People should be protected, they say. But that our planet is on fire, don’t mind being talked about. While crimes against the planet are far worse than crimes against humanity. And crimes against the planet are not prohibited, while when one commits crimes against the planet, one is automatically exterminating the human being as well.

If one commits a murder, one must go to jail. And when you send tons of carbon dioxide into the air, you are rewarded with a lot of money. Everyone actually does that. While by doing so, you are killing millions of people and animals. And yet this kind of behavior is rewarded. That urgently needs to change. Someone who commits crimes against the planet is always committing crimes against humanity. This behavior must stop urgently or there will be no future. We need to stop rewarding people for crimes against the planet. By abolishing the money, this bad behavior will automatically stop. In this way there is no more reason to destroy the planet. We need to save the planet, not humanity. We must save the planet from humans. This can be done in two ways. First, by killing all the people on Earth. But not everything is bad about humans. It’s just the system that forces humans to do this bad behavior. So that shouldn’t happen. Fortunately, there is another way. We can let the human being mutate is a being that protects life instead of destroying it. This is going to happen. When the money disappears, it will come naturally. So we have to start a global revolution against humanity. We must abolish humanity to save the world.

But there will be people who will continue to destroy. There will be bad people who won’t adapt. There is no solution for them. The death penalty is the only way out. They also kill millions of people. The only way to stop that is to kill them. We must use WW3 to destroy all the criminals against humanity and planet. Many will say that aggression is not the solution. Then I ask what is the solution? People have been protesting for decades, people have been debating for decades, people have been discussing for decades. People will be whining for eternity and it’s getting worse and worse every day. Diplomacy has never led to a real solution. Climate justice is the only way out!

We must because soon there will be a global climate catastrophe and as a result there will be more unification. World peace will be the only way out. So the climate problem was created from above so that we would grow closer to each other. You can read how I got there in the following article.

World War 3

Hardly anyone wants war and hardly anyone understands why there has always been war. Everyone thinks that war can be prevented by negotiation. That is not true. War is a law of nature. It is an accelerated way of evolution. It is a search for a new system. War is a necessity and cannot be prevented.

World war 3 is even mathematically predicted to start in 2020. We are not in that war at the moment. But it’s predicted to start in 2020, not atomic bombs to fly in 2020. Armed conflict is not predicted to occur in 2020. What has started in 2020 is a pandemic with lock downs and curfews, just like it is in a war. It has all gradually come so that people do not realize that we are actually already in world war 3. What that start date is of world war 3 will possible later be agreed as January 3, 2020. That is the date that America killed an Iranian general. For many this is negligible, but for Iran this was an attack on the nation. Iran will never forgive this. They will want revenge and will do anything to get it. Shortly afterwards, corona put the war on pause. It’s as if god has put the world on hold to make sure everyone has time to get ready for the great war. Many will think that this is fantasy again, but the evidence is there. The numbers don’t lie. Mister Ingo Piepers (Dutch scientist) has studied all wars and made the shocking discovery. It’s about that in 2020 (plus or min 2 years) WW3 will start and last 16 years and we can’t stop that. Everyone is free to look it up, then everyone will understand what I mean by people not making their own choices. Many will think: fantasy, nothing has happened yet. What I say then: 2022 is far from over. You will see (or not)! More info at He actually made the greatest discovery of all time. And yet no one listens to him. That’s because people aren’t open to ideas that don’t match their ideas. There have always been doomsayers and that is why he is thought to be one too. That’s why no one will ever listen to him. I think he also has no idea what the future will look like and has absolutely no idea what is going on with (religious) people. He will also never want to give up western value. He will never want to give up capitalism. He while be right about his thing, but he won’t look any further.

Mr Ingo himself says that a world war is a search for a new international system. So a world war should not necessarily be fought with weapons. We just have to come up with a new system where we can solve the existing problems (climate, refugees, polution, etc.). This is necessary to ensure a future. Hitler knew that. A new system was needed. It didn’t matter if he won or lost. The result was the same, which was more unification of the international system. WW2 was a necessity to solve the problems of that time. Just like we now have other problems. The biggest, of course, is climate change. We need to devise a new international system where we can solve the climate problem and prevent it in the future. The sad thing is, people still don’t understand that a WW3 is absolutely necessary, so there will be a lot of opposition as people want to protect their laws and their worth. So in WW3 probably a lot of weapons will be used in the first few years. But we can make sure that people know the truth and thus make sure that WW3 will be the last armed war.

So as long as there are different systems everywhere in the world, there will always be armed war. So to avoid armed war, everyone in the world must follow the same system. But in order for the whole world to follow the same system, the world peace system, a war is also needed. World war 3 is the only thing left to solve all world problems. So we have to come up with a new international system that will help us solve the problems of our time. To do that, we first realize what the problems are that we want to solve. I think the biggest problem is climate change. This forces us to change our entire lifestyle. But there are more problems and therefore goals. We must ensure that everyone has enough food, we urgently need to stop our pollution. Goals must be set that must be fulfilled before the end of WW3. So world war 3 will have to be a war where people build a better future instead of destroying it. A reverse war, what should be done after global revolution.

A war in the opposite direction. A global revolution where the artist take the power. A war where good must be separated from evil. We can use the war to eventually make it a better world. But people need a cause to fight for. So the ultimate goal of WW3 will have to be:

-To make the world one country without borders and ensuring that the same economic and politic system is everywhere.

fireworks china

-Create a climate neutral and free transport system that connects every corner of the earth.


-Free healthcare anywhere in the world. Hospitals will have to be built in many places.

Robot performing an operation

-A worldwide and free school system where only the truth is proclaimed.

-Climate neutral food production for everyone in the world.

indoor farming

-No more slavery and oppression. Make sure everyone knows the truth.

-Stop production of waste, pollution and weapons and cleaning up the existing pollution.

there is a lot work to be done

-Develop a global religion. With one main rule: Love everything, worship nothing.

headquarters one world religion

-Making an artificial heaven, so the possibility of digital eternal life.

Let your imagination run

-Find scientific evidence of the existence of god and of life after death. And so looking for a way to make contact with the realm of the dead.

-Develop a new global internet.

-Building a city of the future so that everyone can see that it can be done differently.

singapore solarpunk airport

– Create a one world language.

-Making WW3 the last armed war ever on this planet.

-Develop a medicine against all diseases.

– Building different sea dams in different places in the world.

Holland can help

-But the overriding goal will be: the war will be over when everyone gets it right!

These popular goals are easily attainable but also necessary. But then we all have to leave our old rules and start work together. Together we must fight for peace. We have to work with the intensity of a war. Only in this way can we solve the world’s problems. And when we have achieved these few goals, then God (or whatever God may be) will come to reward us with an energy form that is unlimited and climate neutral. This, of course, cannot be proven, but it is the truth.

To achieve these goals, of course, an international system is needed. But the current and past systems have all failed. So a system change is needed. Many will say that it doesn’t solve anything when that is the only way out. There is a simple explanation for it. System 1 creates problem 1. In order to solve problem 1, a system 2 is needed. This will fix the problem but will of course create new problems. Solving problem 1 requires a new system. System 2 will solve problem 1, but will of course cause problem 2. Many years later, a system change will again be necessary. System 3 will then solve this problem again, but of course will cause new problems again, and so on. (It is up to the experts to decide in which system we are now.) But the only way out is a system change and that can only be done by means of a system war, better known as a world war.

So we have to look for a new international system. The problems that need to be solved are now known. So the goals are now also known. Now we have to compare the existing systems and find a good balance between the systems and the goals. We have to weigh the systems, together with the goals, to come up with a new global system. There are two major political systems democracy and communism.

It is said that democracy is the best system because that is where the people can decide and thus have freedom. So it is the majority of the people who decide who can lead them. The people, of course, choose a leader who defends the customs of the people. People want wealth and progress. Nothing is said about the real problems. Leaders who speak about the real problems such as climate change will never be elected. It is said that people vote for change, but the reality is that people vote for their habits. Often the elections are also manipulated by good speakers or even by electoral fraud. People are used to being a slave and will always stick to their habits until someone changes the system through a system war. People all over the world are sick because of capitalism and climate change. The whole world is polluted and animals are dying out en masse. The people and leaders have proven that they are not worthy of their kind of freedom. Democracy is a total illusion of freedom. Democracy has thus failed completely. But of course it’s not all bad. The freedom of democarcy therefore also makes progress possible. But it is not democracy that creates progress. It’s the artists. In a democratic system, you have a much better chance of becoming an artist and developing your talents.

That is not the case with communism. Everyone should be equal there. It is determined by the government what you are allowed to do. The problem is often that there is a bad leader in power and through the use of money, has a lot of greed. The people are thus oppressed and progress is blocked. Countless new inventions are therefore needed to solve the climate problem. That is difficult in a communist system as it exists today. That is because the power rests with one or a few leaders who do not consider the needs of the people and the planet. If this leader does not take into account the problems of our time such as climate change, then this system will have no future. By preserving the money, there is a huge difference between the common people and the leaders. communism is thus an illusion of equality. So communism has also failed to solve the world’s problems. But there are also good things about it. There is less competition among the people and so there is more togetherness. In a communist system it is much easier to control the people because they are more united. So communism will be necessary to solve the world problems because democrats are used to rebelling when there are changes. And so if you let them continue, problems will never be solved.

So when we weigh the good and the bad, we need a system that connects the good of the two. The people must be deprived of their freedom-illusion as in communism and will then have to be sent (without money) by the artists of the democratic world. People must first prove that they are an artist or globalist before they can lead anything. Only real artists are allowed to rule over a nation, because they will be able to ensure that at the end of WW3 everyone is an artist or globalist.

I think this is the only way we can survive a WW3 and also benefit from it. Of course, this won’t be forever because humans are made to be free. If the climate problem is solved and everyone has it right, then a WW4 will be needed to invent another new international system where the goal is to obtain more freedom. But because then there is no more money, this WW4 will no longer be fought with weapons. But thanks to the discovery of Ingo Piepers, we can plan this war years in advance and determine what it will look like.

summary WW3:

The society can be compared to a kettle on the fire. The longer time passes, the more pressure that builds up. Hitler took the lid off the kettle for the last time and thereby released the pressure. That pressure had to disappear to ensure the future. World War 2 was over and the pressure was reduced and there was ‘peace’. But then the governments made a mistake. They put the lid back on the kettle. They continued to oppress the people. In 1945, for example, the pressure started to rise again. That wasn’t a smart thing to do. We are now a long time later and the pressure is now immense. The kettle (or the world) is about to explode. The pressure has become so immense that the world is on the precipice. We urgently need to reduce that pressure. This can be done in two ways. Lower the pressure gently (a worldwide revolution) or the hard way (a total nuclear war). We now have to choose between taking the lid off or detonating the kettle. In both cases, humans will become extinct. But we must choose if anything is to come after man. We must now choose between total destruction or eternal life in paradise. The only way to survive the sixteen-year World War 3 is to mutate into world peace. And in order for WW3 to become the last armed conflict, we must abolish the money. Then there will never be no more reason to make weapons.

The Messiah

Every religion expects some kind of savior. For hundreds or thousands of years, people have been looking for someone who will bring world peace. They all have different names for them. The Buddhists call him Maitreya, the Hindus call him Kalki, the Muslims call him Mahdi, so almost every religion or sect has a name for their savior. But what is striking is that Christianity does not immediately expect a savior. They expect the return of Jesus, but before that there would be an anti-messiah first. The so-called and long feared Antichrist or Dajjal. Someone who will destroy Christianity. It is striking that only Christianity expects a destroyer. All other religions expect a savior. Could that mean that this is going to be a war against Christianity? It is also true that the Christians have caused the most destruction in history.

All people think that their religion is the only real one and thus think that their religion will be the only one left. That is not true. What the believers of the different religions usually do not know is that it will probably all be about the same person. And what they usually don’t know is that not only Christianity will disappear, but all religions. A religion is a system of oppression invented to oppress the people. In the future there will be no more oppression and thus a religion will be impossible. The long-awaited messiah will come in the name of peace and will never approve of any religion. That is the truth.
Some signs of the different messiahs which may certainly be true if this message had anything to do with the coming:

Mahdi, Dajjal (Islam):

-Widespread acceptance of music. Music is the most powerful medicine.
-There will be more women than men left. Most oppressors are men, so more men will disappear than women.
-Women will appear naked. Women must wear a headscarf to protect themselves from bad men. When the men are gone, they can show their beautiful bodies to the good men that remain.
-End of the world
There are other things that can certainly happen. Everyone is free to discover on the internet what may be true and what may not. A list can be found at

Messiah, Moshiach (Judaism): -Rebuilding their temple. If Muslims, Christians and Jews unite, this could be possible. -End of the world. -Again many similarities with other religions. Everyone is free to search on the internet.

Maitreya (Buddhism), Kalki (Hinduism):
-He will end war, famine and disease and create a new society based on tolerance and love.
-He will reach a state of enlightenment in just 7 days. With the right music, easy!
-He will be a man of deadly sins and virtues. He will set some clear rules to mankind.
-He will destroy the source of evil (money).
-He will destroy the current era and start a new everlasting peace era. (much resemblance to the Maitreya, Kalki and others)
-He will teach us a new spiritual thing which will probably be the sixth sense. -End of the world
There is not that much to be found on the internet because they do not expect this person directly. Here one can find some info and

Antichrist, Jesus (Christianity):
-He will be the son of perdition. He will destroy all religions and achievements. He will be seen as the devil.
-He will think like a beast. If one has read this text, then one knows what it means. -He will be called the lawless one.
-He will enter a ‘mark of the beast’ so you can’t buy anything without this mark. A digital tattoo will probably be this mark.
-End of the world
The internet is full of this person. Just look it up, so that everyone can discover for themselves what this person stands for.

chyren, selin (Nostradamus)(atheism):
-This person will appear at the beginning of world war 3. He will meddle in world politics and will defeat everyone in a very short time.
-He will be king of the world. This is possible with the neuralink.
-End of the world.
-More information can be found on the internet.
-Nostradamus predicted 3 Antichrists in Europe. Napoleon, Hitler and ?. He even predicted the names and origin. He said Hister. Two letters difference. This was the same with Napoleon.

Li Hong (Taoism):

-He will lead the chosen people to paradise.
-End of the world

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Many do not believe in religion and others believe in only one religion. That’s all wrong. Every religion has a certain percentage of truth. All religions, together with science is one big puzzle with the truth hidden in it. And so by uniting all of them we will find the absolute truth. No religion has the truth, all together do.

There are several other prophets all over the world who foretell a savior. Even the United Nation are expecting this person(Lucifer). All very similar to each other. But all these predictions by those age-old prophets are easily neglected. These people who wrote this have been dead for hundreds or thousands of years. At that time they thought the earth was flat. And yet somehow they knew what the world would be like today. They used to not know each other and yet there are so many similarities of the predictions about the different messiahs. How is that possible? The future will show.
But what almost no one in the world knows is that in 2013, a new sign of the arrival was announced. Millions of people have already seen it, but hardly anyone has noticed. The computer game Grand Theft Auto 5 has hidden some hidden signs in their game.

In the altruist camp, for example, there are various signs about the arrival. Below you will find an explanation of what I think it means.

Our Path is Lit?? : r/chiliadmystery

He is Risen!: It means the messiah is finally here.
His light shines on us all: It means that his soul is illuminated by god and that is the case with everyone.
We are his children!: It means that anyone who wants to live their life well will be seen as their own children.
Praise him: It means how much more will he be loved, so much more will he return to the people.
Give thanks: He must have devised a plan to survive an apocalypse. All he’ll want is to be thanked.
Embrace the light: A strange light will appear in the sky. One should not fear it, but one should embrace it.
See the eye!: According to the different religions, the proof of god is given by a sign appearing in the sky. This sign will be an eye.
Sun of God! and the various sun drawings: Something will happen to the sun. Maybe a big solar flare. Due to a polar switch, the sun will also look different.
Ur path is lit!: It means that human evolution is a creation of god.
The yellow flower drawing: It is not certain what kind of flowers they are. But if it’s sunflowers, it can help remove nuclear radiation. If there is a nuclear war, sunflowers can help remove the radiation.
It’s all a lot of fantasy, of course. But what does it mean. Nobody knows. The makers of the game say nothing and are very mysterious about everything. There are countless theories. But one can be sure of one thing. Everything in the game is based on the real world. So why are there aliens in the game? Why is the wow signal (6EQUJ5) included? Why is it said that the revolution is not televised? Why is it said that there is someone in Belgium on whom the future of humanity depends? Why is there so much mystery about countless matters? I think it’s about time the makers of the game made known what they all mean. There are countless signs and easter eggs in the game that have absolutely nothing to do with the story. But the biggest draw is, of course, the large mural in Los Santos. There is a lot of mystery around but the great scorer is a reference to the messiah. It is written: For when the great scorer comes to write against you name, he marks not than you won, but how you played the game. That is, the messiah will say that life is not about winning or losing games. Life is about how you play these games. Life is about fun, love and progress. Also a reference to the game is that everyone plays to win or to achieve the highest possible kill/death ratio. GTA is not a competition game! You are all playing it wrong.

More info about the GTAV chiliad mystery at:

Textile City mural holds something : r/chiliadmystery

Many will think that this text was written by an idiot. That may also be true. But the truth is that everyone on Earth today is an idiot. Everyone is hugely primitive and stupid compared to if the neuralink is established. People compare themselves to animals or prehistoric humans. If one does that, then one is very intelligent. But if one compares oneself with god, then everyone is an idiot. The average human IQ is closer to a chimpanzee than to god. Even if one is the most intelligent person in the world. With artificial intelligence one can get closer to the level of god.

The only difference between people is that some mean well and others only want to suppress. So the coming messiah will also be an idiot, but he will mean well. The first human (idiot) to have the neuralink built in will receive the power needed to play messiah. The question is: are we going to make the right choice about who will be first. We have to choose between good and bad. The sad thing is that the bad people are in power at the moment and are seen as good. So it would be good for god to choose the best one. That will probably also happen if you have to believe the many predictions.

But everyone can be sure of one thing: The first human to connect with artificial intelligence will be the messiah! And when everyone is connected, that’s the end of the world. That is the end of humanity. But is the beginning of everything.


Solution Summary:

Why is it that people cannot get along with each other?

That is because rules have been imposed everywhere in the world. And therefore, people cannot think logically. People are heavily oppressed by all those rules from laws or money or god. And because of that the many psychological problems arise and because of that people does horrible things to each other.

How are we going to solve this?

Very simple. Abolish the money! Resetting humanity. A controlled world war. A worldwide system war. The short pain. We must unslave humanity. We must free the people from oppression. Total freedom is the only solution. We must start a global government. We must take away all the money in the world from the people. We must convince everyone that the rules of God not all are real. Whether it is certain that new children will not receive this “bad” upbringing. We must bring religion and science together and develop together a new system based on love and the truth. Even if you bring communism and democracy together, you will find that they fit together perfectly. World peace is the only solution.

We must break all rules from all over the world. It is thought that we need those rules in a society. But that is not the case. It slows us down. Our brains are made to follow nature’s rules. And by following other rules (developed by people) we lose our connection with the earth (six-sense). Our brains only work at half strength. If one succeeds in erasing all the rules (words; numbers; the law; money; god; …………) from their head and considering them as a game, then one is again a child. Then people think like a child. Then people think like a beast. Then people think like Albert Einstein. Then your sixth sense comes back, and then you feel the cry of death that our earth calls to us. Then everything becomes clear. And if we connect all good people with artificial intelligence, the good sides of people are greatly enhanced. If everyone could, each in his own way. Then the world is saved forever. Then there are no problems any more. And because the world has become so small now, it is very important that everyone participates. Everyone should be given a new chance. We can’t blame anyone for everything. We were all the same. Really all wrong.

Try not to make nature our ideal, but listen to the laws of nature. Only in this way do we make the world our ideal.

Forcing a child to believe in rules made by humans. That is the worst there is. That will be difficult for all people today. But for new children this is very normal. At the moment we can only mutate by reproducing.

So we will have to educate our children very differently. We must give them every luxury. That way the future will look luxurious again. And not just for the rich, but for everyone. We are going to introduce them to everything. We are going to teach them the difference between feelings (and therefore the laws of nature) and the rules made by their ancestors. We are going to let them interact naked from birth. Then there will be no more pedophiles and rapes in the future. Man and women will finally succeed in understanding each other. We let them get acquainted with the laws and dangers of physics and nature from birth. By showing them, they no longer have to learn. Then they just know what the human, the world or the universe really is. We are going to have to show everything. We must give them all opportunities. This is how everyone finds their job in society.

We are going to say to them: look, we’ve learned this and we’ve all done it wrong in the past. The world is now on fire by us. It is your job to do better. It is your job is to devise an economic system based on who we are and what resources are available. These rules of language, mathematics, god, … that we have all developed over the years, you can use. But never consider them real. SOLVE IT!!

Why do we have to do this so drastically?

That’s just the only way there is. Our world is literally on fire. Many natural disasters will happen in the future and only by re-learning the sixth sense can one survive this. There is chaos everywhere. People are suffering. People want to change. Criminal facts happen everywhere. Nuclear weapons are ready to attack all over the world. We urgently need to stop our pollution. There is no time left. But we will never succeed if we continue to follow the rules of our forefathers.

We cannot keep waiting for our leaders. They will never want to break their rules. They want only power. They all earn a lot of money, and they will never give it up for someone else. They continue to think that they will succeed. But that will never work. Not yet in 1000 years. They have been taught that money is the only real thing in the world and that people can do anything with money. Their brains only work at quarter strength. That is why the people must solve it themselves. We have to convince as many people as possible that we can do better. All kings and presidents and government leaders in the world must immediately step down “symbolically” and transfer their power to the artists.

The future

So now we are going to have to choose between 3 futures. There are three possibilities. Humanity will now have to choose between a reset or no reset. Either there will be no reset and the world will eventually die out or there will be a reset and humanity will have a future. We are going to have to choose between eternal life or all death. But when we reset the world, we also have a choice between two systems. The system of the beast (total freedom) or between the system of today’s rich elite (total oppression). What the consequences will be is all explained below.

Prophecies if we just carry on

Year 2022:
capitalism continues to exist. Pollution will continue.
New crises will emerge.
There will be new lock downs.

Year 2023:
Due to the lockdowns, many people will end up in poverty.
The economic system will crash.
The earth is now on the abyss.

Year 2024:
The cauldron will explode. World war 2 will repeat itself. The racists will attack each other. Extreme leaders will convince the people to attack other religions.
Nuclear and biologic weapons are flying through the air.

Year 2025:
Climate change is greatly accelerated. Half the people will be gone. Drones and robots are being used to subdue the people.

Year 2026:
The world will be one big garbage dump.
Many people will commit suicide.

Year 2027:
The people will realize that world peace is the only way out.
The world will unite.

Year 2028:
The people will realize that world peace is too late.
90% of life will be gone.

Year 2029:
The rich will live in bunkers.
The poor will be gone.

Year 2030:
The rich have never learned to work and provide solutions and so will have many problems.

Year 2031,..:
In the coming decades, all humans will disappear.
The earth has reset itself.

This is not certain that all this will happen, we’ll probably never know because it’s not going to happen. But one thing can be certain, if there is no reset, the earth will reset itself. But then there will be no future for humans. So a reset is necessary for the survival of humans. This can be done in two ways. Choose freedom or oppression. Below you will find the consequences of total suppression.

Prophecies of the elite (WEF)

Year 1:

The cauldron explodes! The worst time ever on earth. Money system is being reset. All people on earth are rebelling. The east invade the west to destroy and oppress everything.

Year 2: The armies of the world will begin to oppress the people with firearms.
There will be a great famine worldwide.
Democracy has completely disappeared.
Fascism while take over globally. The existing elite will connect with the neuralink. They will use it to suppress (weak) artists.

Year 3:
The old and infirm will be gone.
Climate change and pollution will be stopped.
The rich people have seized power in the world. The rich decide what one thinks about.

Year 4:
The permanent preservation of the money system will create a huge difference between rich and poor.

Year 5:
The people see how the elite misuse artificial intelligence. A new war will arise what they lose.
Inhuman weapons will be used to restrain the people.

Year 6:
The rich use slaves to build highly secured cities.

Year 7:
The average age on Earth is now only 30 – 40 years.

Year 8:
There is now total oppression of the people.
Workers no longer have any rights.

Year 9:
The technology for eternal life is now ready.
The rich will manage to stop getting sick and die.

Year 10:
The rich will kill anyone who has no money.

Year 11:
Artificial intelligence will destroy humanity.

It is not entirely certain that this will happen. But the rich have never learned to work themselves and will use the poor as slaves. They also do not believe in God and thus do not know that they are being watched. They will manage to enter the universe but god will never allow it. War and oppression are not allowed in the universe. Humanity will also die out.

There are still individuals like me who believe that abolishing money is the solution. These are all great ideas, but the problem is that they always involve a ‘soft’ reset. I think we are twenty years too late for that. The world is on the brink and people will only change if they suffer pain. So a hard reset will be required. People will never change their ideas about the world without foregoing the pain. It is about much more than just ‘money’. There is also such a thing as religion and other beliefs. Everyone believes in lies and with a ‘soft’ reset that will never change and there will be another armed world war in a few decades.

So it’s good that there is another way. The system of the beast (total freedom). Below is an explanation of what the future will look like if you combine the war science and the prophecies of the religions.

Prophecies of the beast

Year 2020:

3 January: start point of WW3

Spread of a virus called covid-19.

Lock-downs of society.

Year 2021:

It was said that this crisis can be solved with vaccination. So people were vaccinated en mass.

The virus mutated several times, resulting in new lock downs.

Increasing tensions between west and east. The kettle is about to explode.

Year 2022:

The kettle explodes!

Collapse of society!

The world media announces the start of world war 3.

The people wake up!

The worst time ever on Earth!

Total chaos and hysteria.

Money has no value anymore.

Humanity is being reset.

Power and internet shut down.

Nuclear Disasters Will Happen?

Climate crisis is accelerating enormously?

All people on earth are rebelling.

The bad is separated from the good.

A global revolution against oppression from police, judges and governments and against the greed from the leaders and rich will begin.

An everything vs everything war!

If you have seen the movie avatar you have an idea of what the revolution will look like.

Year 2023:

The system is totally destroyed.

The east invade the west to help the innocent.

The ordinary citizens wake up in the new world and neighbors will come out and they will finally start working together.

There will be no more food and water supplies.

There will be a great worldwide famine. People are forced to eat human flesh.

Everyone now lives in hell. Everyone realizes what they have done to the world. Everyone will suffer so hard that they want to die. But for those who have insight into guilt, it is forbidden to die. Those who are crying have a chance to survive. The ones who think they’re too tough to cry, well, that’s to say your time has come.

Now the elites will want to implement ‘the great reset’. The people will resist, but it won’t last long. What happened next is the following:

The proof of God while be seen in the air!

Now it’s time for the Messiah to be announced. He will meanwhile be connected with a neuralink. He’ll be smarter than a million Albert Einstein’s, he’ll be more ghastly than a million Adolf Hitler’s. He will deal the death blow to humanity. From this moment on, everyone on earth is the personal slave of the Antichrist! Anyone who doesn’t follow him will disappear in the coming years.

Year 2024:

The major leading countries and organisations (USA, Russia, china, EU, NATO, etc.) no longer exist. The world is now viewed as one country.

One fifth of the people will be gone!

Freedom is gone! It is the start of a temporarily communist world dictatorship.

The oppressors will be oppressed like never before.

The people will learn to work together to achieve the basic needs.

The production of waste (packaging, air pollution, etc.) will disappear.

We are going to get to know the new artist world leaders.

A temporary global currency is to be introduced.

There will be a worldwide evacuation exercise. Due to the future sea level rise, all coastal cities will have to be evacuated. Refugee camps will be built all over the world.

Year 2025:

All people now understand why world wars are necessary. So everyone started laying down their guns. From now on there will only be war without weapons.So there will be world peace, but not yet a free world.

Boundaries are disappeared. Racism will disappear.

We have now mutated into Homo sapiens de Terra.

Healthcare is a priority from now on. Because no more money is involved, the medicine against cancer, AIDS, corona, Alzheimer, … will be available everywhere in the world.

Luxurious schools are emerging all over the world where all the knowledge of the world is available. All these schools will teach in the same language.

People learn to work together and set goals for the future. We are going to plan how and where we are going to build our cities of the future.

Everything turns white. There is light again. There is hope again. Everyone is starting to realize that there is room for improvement.

Year 2026:

Artists are now unslaved and they will be able to use their sixth sense again. They will know days in advance when a volcano will erupt or an earthquake will occur. They will therefore have time to visit other places temporarily.

Music festivals arise 24/7 all over the world where only artists are welcome.

We will discover that our minds are the same with men or women or animals or other cultures.

Standard foods will be eaten less. People are switching to micro-vegetables, insects and artificial food.

Year 2027:

All the gods have left the earth. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and everything else will grow together.

There are almost no more seriously ill people. Almost everyone is right now.

The plans for our new cities are ready now.

Everyone on Earth now speaks at least two languages.

People will think more logical. Almost everyone will think in a way that Albert Einstein did.

By AI, people are getting smarter and smarter every day.

People are no longer born, but made.

Year 2028:

Artificial intelligence will tackle many tasks such as making music.

Organ donations are no longer necessary. We can now create unlimited new organs.

Year 2029:

All people in the world will participate in building our new cities. Some old cities will be demolished and recycled. Others are being renovated.

Year 2030:

There are no more bad people on Earth. Everything and everyone is now one big family.

The messiah will now resign and retire. But that won’t be the end of World War 3.

Year 2031:

Peace returns to earth. Little by little, freedom returns.

Everyone is now one big family.

There will be a transport system connecting every corner of the earth.

Year 2032:

There will be a system where each person will receive the nutrients they need for the next 24 hours individually.

Humans can now easily live to be over 300 years old.

Year 2033:

The world currency will be abolished. There will be an automatically economic system that benefits everyone and everything.

Most people can make use of the sixth sense again.

Year 2034:

Crops will no longer be grown outdoors.

Meat will no longer be eaten.

Year 2035:

New climate neutral cities are being built all over the world.

All over the world there will be sea dams and bridges will be built.

Year 2036:

In Africa there will be a city of the future with ten million sleeping places. And the white people will pay for it!

There will be a virtual music festival where everyone will attend.

World problems like climate change, hunger, etc have been solved.

All culprit has left the earth. Everyone is good now. Everyone is happy and healthy.

Year 2037:

The messiah will now say: you have succeeded. World war 3 is over. From now on you are free to do whatever you want. No more rules. Total freedom, total anarchy, absolute world-peace,… forever!

The messiah will now disappear from the world stage. This will be the greatest moment of human history.

Aliens will land on earth to welcome us to the universe. (second coming of the Christ) Then we get an explanation of what, why and how.

This will be the end of humanity, it’s the end of our calendar, but will be the beginning of everything.

It is the beginning of the last era. The Everlasting Peace Age.

These predictions about what World War 3 will look like is of course not sure how it will happen. For example, the climate crisis or when the apocalypse will start is not taken into account. No one knows the date when the end of the world will begin. But one thing is certain: WW3 will not be a war between nations, but will be a war to save all life on Earth. Only by retraining the sixth sense will one manage to survive WW3. Firearms are absolutely forbidden during the great war!

At the beginning of WW3 everyone will think it’s over now. But if you’ve read the beginning of this blog about the past, you know that the solution always comes when everyone thinks it’s done. So the end of the world will not be the end of everything. It will simply be the end of suppression systems. You can read here how it will go on.

Year 1-100:

End of civilization as we know it

The start of a free world!

The world population is now back like it was in 2020.

We can connect our memory to the 5G internet. All people on earth now deserve eternal life in paradise so all the people living now will never die again. We can copy our thoughts and switch between the real world and a virtual world.

We can now talk to animals.

In several places, the cities of the future will be ready. There will also be floating cities.

All people in the world are happy and stay young at heart. So people don’t get sick or old anymore. We will succeed in stopping the aging process.

Almost everyone will be bisexual.

Life is now a big 24/7 party.

People can now get many upgrades such as eagle eyes or the smell of a wolf.

There will be a WW4, but not a single shot will be fired.

Cars no longer drive on the road, but now fly through the air.

There will be settlements on Mars, the moon, ..

We can now give new bodies to the people who live in a virtual world. In the beginning that will be a mix between robot and biological body.

Everyone is now in love with everyone.

Jurassic park will exist.

WW5 will be there. But everyone is glad it happened.

Teleportation is now possible. (trains, cars, planes are no longer needed)

We can determine the weather and climate. If climate change happens, we will monitor it.

Aliens will live among us. We will get images of what it looks like on other viable planets.

We will be able to create new bodies that are much stronger than the human body.

There will be underground cities with an artificial sun and weather.

Transformer robots will work for us.

Another world war will take place.

Mars now looks like Earth now. (with oceans and forests) So we have a new chance now.

We can make contact with the realm of the dead and bring the dead back to life.

We can now make many new animal species. Old extinct animals but also animals that never really existed.

We can place our mind in everything. So we will discover what it feels like to be a bird or a fish or a dinosaur or a dragon. We will succeed in making a body that requires no food, no water, no clothing, no air, no sleep. Eventually we will be able to make a body that can withstand space radiation, all G-forces and temperature above 1000 ° C.

So by the year 80 there will be a music festival on Venus and Mercury. And we only need music for that. So Venus is the place to be now.

Everything is possible now.

There will be underwater cities.

We will be able to create ecosystems.

We will be able to make living cities.

There will be flying cities.

The world population is now 100 billion.

Everyone now thinks like an beast or like Albert Einstein. And as everyone knows, it is impossible to predict what a beast will do. So really anything is possible. If you can think of it then it is possible.

Time travel too. So why make those stupid YouTube videos or use anti-social media.

Year 100-150: End of date; We are complete now… now we going to populate the universe.

It is of course also not certain if this will happen exactly like that. Nobody knows what the future will look like. But one thing is certain. If we abolish all competition systems, we are saved forever. God will help us to enter the universe. God will help us with whatever we want. They always have somehow.

The summary

For thousands of years we have been trying to make all people work together. Countless systems have been developed to make people work together. Rules have been imposed such as those of religion or money. It has taught us a lot. We have documented everything and we have discovered the whole world and beyond. We have developed an enormous amount of technology. We can go anywhere in the world and we can communicate with everyone. But because different rules have been imposed throughout the world, we will never be able to work together. We must change that very urgently because otherwise climate change will affect the entire world and ultimately make it unlivable. But everyone is convinced that their opinion and values ​​are the only real thing in the world. The truth is that everyone is wrong. People think they come up with their own opinion and they think they have earned their possessions themselves. Everyone wants to have their own choice, everyone thinks. That is not true. People don’t make their own choice. People’s choices are always influenced by their environment (the system). Everyone thinks when they have invented something, that they are smart and that they can therefore walk with all the money.

But that’s not entirely true. Every invention that ever happened was never done by 1 person. Other inventions must always happen before anything else can be developed. The inventor of the internet, for example, did not do this entirely himself. There are thousands of other things that need to be developed first. Millions of years ago, the first person to catch a fish with a stone. If he hadn’t done that then there would be no internet today. So the development of the internet, thousands of people have worked on it without knowing it. People must stop thinking that someone is smart when they invent something new. Thousands of people have always participated.

All of someone’s possessions and values ​​are so important to them. They think that is their own choice, but it is not. The social rules required us to own a car or to smoke or to pollute or whatever. Everyone continues to behave according to the social rules of our ancestors. That is not their own choice. If they don’t, they will be punished.

Everyone thinks we have developed all this technology and luxury through our system of money and god. That is not true. All new technology has been developed by people who do not behave according to these rules. They think like a beast or child, they follow nature’s rules. Such a person comes across as very clever. But they are not that smart. There is no such thing as ‘smart’ or ‘dumb’. There is only ‘free’ or ‘slave’. A free person behave as they were made for. Everyone can do that. They must stop believing in rules made by humans. The basis of our system even dates from a time when there was no cars or electricity. When justice was invented, it was even thought that the earth was flat. Those people who have developed all those rules are long dead. If they knew the world was going to look like this, they would never have done it. All our companies in the world are all based on lies. So why should we continue to follow those age-old rules?

All those systems of money and religion all over the world can be replaced by a biological system. People are made for working together. If everyone broke all the rules, they would notice that there is a free, unlimited system. Everyone has received an interest so that everyone can work and live in perfect harmony (like an ant nest). People who believe in god work well together. That is not because of god’s rules, but because of the biological system. God is always and everywhere they say. That’s correct. But that’s not god, it’s a biological sixth sense that makes us work together. God is real, but not God’s rules. So we have to make a new word for that. The only rule that it imposes on us is “follow your feelings.” But first one has to get all the rules out of their heads.

That system that makes us work together is not really detectable by most people today because people are still slaves. It is also not visible, but it is there. Think of it as a infinite G internet that works for free throughout the universe and beyond. So if you want a better life. Get out of the system of god or money or the law and be guided by your feelings. If everyone in the world would do that. Then there are soon no sick, dead, crime, uncontrolled climate change, … more.

So if you still don’t fully understand what is going to happen when we unslave humanity and when WW3 starts … I will summarize it again very simply …

Our universe can be compared to the Amazon forest. In the beginning there was nothing … .. But little by little plants appeared … Just like little by little new stars appear. After a long time there is now the universe (or the Amazon forest) as we know it today. Immense large. One day there was our sun … It was a seed of a rose. Our sun was born … In the beginning it was hard to come up, but it didn’t give up … and not much later it started to make the first twigs … … these are then our planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, (Pluto), planet X, Y, Z? ) But as everyone knows, a rose bush is very susceptible to diseases, so most twigs (planets) died quickly. But 1 branch (our earth) remained alive. Our earth was the branch that was in the best position to receive the most light in the large Amazon forest … … but a rose always remains susceptible to diseases and pests …. many brown spots (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteorite impacts, ice ages,… ..) But our rose bush did not give up… ..Until one day… ..The rose bush starts making a flower bud (humanity was born) (the moment when all the misery started)…. but the rose continues to suffer from brown spots (wars, slavery, diseases, …………) …………………. What will happen soon …… .. soon the flower bud is fully grown…. and soon the flower bud is going to open … .. but as everyone knows … it takes a few days before the rose is completely open …. it will take a while before everything falls into the fold …. that will be WW3 or apocalypse ….. But if the rose is completely open … ……… .. ultimate beauty, or in other words ……. absolute world peace … for 100 years … and what happens afterwards …. well .. what will a rose do then…………….

So who are we in that whole story? …… We are no more or no less than a bacterium… on a rose…. in the immense Amazon forest … And who are the aliens in that story?…. see it like a bee sprays a flower….. and it would also be very stupid to think that there would be only 1 flower in the immense Amazon forest … so why worry for whatever reason …. everything will come naturally …. don’t worry, be happy….